Mindfulness Meditation – Guided 10 Minutes

a mindfulness meditationduring this mediationwe will focus on being mindfullfinding that point where you are completely aware of the nowfind a time where you will not be disturbedsit or lie downwhatever thoughts come and go in your mind at this point simply observe them as if from a distancenow notice your breathing and especially the still point between breathsbreathe in through the nose to a count of four and out to the count of sixdon’t strain to do these breathes, just do them as best you canwhilst focusing on that still place between inhaling and exhalingif thoughts intrude see them as coloured balloons as separate from youand let them golet them float awayyou are present nowyou are not controlled by your thoughtsyou can acknowledge that they are simply that. . . thoughtsthey proceed from you but they do not own youyou control themrecognise that fact and let them goto be driven away by the windbe conscious of the beat of blood within youof the rhytym of your breathingthe brush of clothing against your skinfeel the surface on which you sitand how your body presses into itbe aware of any scents that you can smellor colours you can seenotice the detail in the sounds you are hearingfeel the temperature of the space you are inspent some moments simply beingbeing aware of all that is within youand around you right nowin this very momentthis is what it is to be mindfullwhen you are readybegin to go about your daty life once againcontend to the reinsurance tha you can returned to this mindfulness guidewhenever you choose

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