15-Minute Meditation For Self Love

– Hi, and
welcome to this meditationfor self-love. I’d like to invite you
to gently close your eyesand take a nice, slow, deep breath in,deeper than you’ve taken all day so far. And as you exhale, concentrate
on the sound of my voice,allowing it to ground you
into the present moment. And give yourself permission
right now to focus on you,making yourself your first priority. There’s nowhere else you need to be. There’s nothing else you need to be doing,except giving yourselfthis timefor your own care,for your own well-being. Continue breathing,allowing each inhale to bea bit deeper than the one before it,feeling your lungs
expand out as you inhale,and feeling everything
contract back in as you exhale. Returning your breath
now to its normal patternand its normal rhythm,but continue to follow
the journey of your breaththrough your entire body. Feeling it weave in and out of
your muscles and your cells. Allowing it to still you,and ease any tension or
tightness you may be feeling. Now I’d like you to turn your attentionto the bottom half of your body,everything from your hips all the way downto the tips of your toes. Breathing into them. Noticing any judgments that come upabout any of these areas. We all have parts of our body
that we wish were different,but instead of judging them,now turn your focusto sending love and
appreciation into these areas. Shifting your focus
now to your upper body,from your stomach to
the crown of your head,feeling into these areas,noticing any tensionor tightness you may be having,breathing into that
area to help it release. Noticing any judgments that
come up in these areas. And gently,replacing that judgmentwith love and appreciation. And now begin to call to mindother parts of yourselfthat you’ve held in judgment in the past,maybe a thought pattern or
a behavior you exhibited. Maybe it was a choice you made,or something you said you
wish you could take back. Maybe a time where you feltyou could have handled something better. Look at it from a place
of total curiosity. Watch the judgment come
up, because it will,and watch the stories
that you’ve told yourselfabout the situation come up,because they will, too. And then gently let those go,and offer yourself forgiveness,knowing that you were doing the
best you could at that time. And now as we move into the
silent part of the meditation,continue this journey on your own,calling to mindany parts of yourself
that you hold in judgment,and giving them unconditional love,acceptance,and forgiveness. Continue breathing with your eyes closed. Let your attention start
to focus back on my voice. When we judge parts of ourself,we actually hold them separate from us,and if we’re holding
parts of ourself separate,then we can’t feel whole. Real self love is holdingour light with the dark,of loving those parts of
ourselves unconditionallywe previously held in judgment. No one else can do this for us. Give yourself all the love that you need. It’s inside you. Now let’s take three more
deep breaths together,a deep inhale in,holding it for a beat,and exhale it out. Again, an even deeper
breath than the one before,feeling that breath weave in and outof all of your muscles and cells. And exhale out. Last time, your deepest breath yet,sending that oxygen all the way downto the tips of your toes,and as you exhale, feel it
traveling back up your body,and when it hits the top of your head,and you’re ready,you can open your eyes. Thank you for joining
me for this meditationand giving yourself this gift.

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