COVID-19 (A Manifestation of Narcissism)

In this vast universewe are not simply neighbors
if we live on earth. We’re roommates, because
we share the same house. And yet, we live here as strangers. Not just with other species
that inhabit this earth,but also with other people. Our capacity to separate ourselvesis something that is causing all things
that live here with us to suffer. I have lived in neighborhoodswhere if I passed my neighbors,the people who live directly
next to me, in a store,I wouldn’t even know it. This loneliness within the human race,this separation,it is growing. It is numbed out. We are numbing outthe pain that is caused
by our capacity to separatewith our technological devices. All beings that exist are sufferingbecause of our capacity to disconnect
with that which we see as other. Now, there’s this principle,or teaching shall I say,that if you put a frog in waterand you slowly raise the
temperature of that water,the frog won’t jump out,instead it will boil to death. And I fear that this separation,which human beings
are practicing every day,is going to be like the waterand us the frog. The human race is becoming
more and more aloof by the dayand I watch the chill of this aloofnessmaking people more afraid of one another. This makes my heart ache because
people need the warmth of each other. What those of us who see the pain of
this boiling water of separation can dois to become that warmth. To be the first one to speak,to be the one to smile,to be the one to act in a mannerthat relieves the tension
of other people’s fear. to act in the best
interest of nature itself. Today humanity is boiling
in the water of fear. This recent Covid-19 outbreak
is the tipping point. It’s the tipping point that has pushed
the human psyche into full-blown panic. The fear that people feeland the fear that even governments feelin response to this Covid-19 outbreakmakes it so that is actually very riskyto talk openly and directly
about Covid-19 itself. I’m gonna simply say this:Back when people began
speaking about the factthat the 2008 financial crashwas caused by big hedge
funds insurance companiesand banks creating
mortgage-backed securitiesand giving subprime loans
for their own personal profit,people considered it a conspiracy theory,until it became obviousthat it was reality. There is nothing insane paranoid or kookyabout the understanding that
money and financial profitis the single biggest driving factorfor every decision made today. I can tell youvery clearlythe concern for your fellow menis not the motive that is
backing all of these behaviorsthat you’re seeing within the world. That’s in fact the gaslight. One of the realities you have
to understand about the world,especially about economyis that when some people,many people,lose massive amounts of money,when their lives are ruined,other people profit. Other people become very very rich. But here’s the thing,people have been socialized
into the understandingthat it’s not really a good thing morallyto have there be a self-centered
motive driving things,even though that’s the reality,it’s not something
they’re gonna admit to,so instead they’re gonna use
a moral explanationlike a veneer, to cover over
their self-centered motives. I’m the first person to say that you
don’t mess with a single-celled organism. You can ask anybody in my community. However, if we’re gonna say that
safety is the primary concern here,or the well-being of our citizens,we have to face a very difficult truth. The reality is that as of today,of about 337 people
die in fires every day. Around 1,418 die of the flu every day. About 3,792 people die
from car accidents everyday. About 7,671 people die
of obesity every day. And some 21,000 people
die from hunger every day. Yet there’s no global
reaction to these threatsand you might be asking “why?”. For two primary reasons. The first being:there’s no financial profit,or minimal at best,to be had with these “threats”. 2. Uncertainty is the food of panic. We have the tendencyto not fear a very real risk
if it’s familiar and known,but panic anytime we encounter
something unknown and unfamiliar. Covid-19 is an invisible
unknown foreign threat. It ticks all the boxesfor what causes human panic. Because we don’t understand it,because we feel like it’s gonna
come at us from anywhereand we have no real control over
catching it or not catching it,we feel like any of us, all of us,could be at risk in terms of survival. In other words, and I hate to hold
the mirror up so closely to your face,it’s something that panics us allbecause it feels like it’s something
that all of us could suffer from,not just “those people”. When people are afraid,people become narcissistic. It’s not because people are bad,it’s because simply the priority
shifts to self-preservation. self-preservation, usually, at any cost. Another way of saying thisis that it’s a knee-jerk reactionto become narcissistic,
when you’re threatened. But this knee-jerk reaction,in fact, often brings about
the very thing we’re trying to avoid. Back in the day, this knee-jerk
reaction towards self-preservationmay have served uswhen it came to getting out of the way
of a saber-tooth tiger, so to speak,but the threats that we’re facing
today are complex and multifacetedand definitely not as direct as
something charging straight at you. This means, that if we reactin the same way we would
to a saber-toothed tiger,with knee-jerk reactions,we’re going to get ourselves
into a world of pain. This fear that we feel and
this drive towards self-preservation,it not only makes us blind,it makes us extremely controllable. Over the last few weeks and even monthspeople have been asking me,
begging me, pressuring me,guilting me into talking
about this Covid-19 dynamic. This crisis within the world. I have stayed silent. A lot of people have read
into why I’ve stayed silent. You want an answer?You want me to tell you
what to think and what to do. This is a natural reaction. Anytime we’re thrown
into a state of panic,most of us don’t feel like we have
the resources to make logical decisions. And so we want somebody
else to tell us what to do. I don’t want to make
anybody wrong for this. What I do want to do
is to reflect something. Do you see the dangerin being controlledby somebody who is specifically
telling you what to do or what to thinkfor their own self-centered motives?If what fear makes you do,is to want someone to tell you what to do?Governments and many companieshave very different motives
for reacting to this virusthan citizens do. Because many of these governments
have much different informationabout what’s actually
going on, than you do. All of that aside,the issue with Covid-19
is going to be the reaction to it. The reaction that people have to Covid-19has the potentialto kill so many more peopleand destroy so many more livesthan the “organic virus” itself. The many conflicts that will ariseas a result of the reaction to it,or the biggest threat
of all, in this situation,is the beginning of what
I was writing aboutwhen I released my 2020
forecast earlier this year. Most people will not be
facing what to do about a virus. Most people are going to be facinghow to respond to government
and company actions. Actions that dramatically changethe way that their life works or doesn’t. The danger that we have and
that we’re already starting to seeand that will become even more obvious,is that right now the world
is set up like a house of cards. Everything is stacked
on top of each other. The domino effect is obvious. The domino effect is colossaland it will continue to be so. And the failure to recognize
this domino effect,is what will get people
into the most trouble. This is what I want you
to understand and remember:Nobody can take awaythe power that you haveto choose how you individually
are going to respond. Are we going to respond by
making the world a safer placeon a physical, mental and emotional level?Or will we make it more unsafein the delusion that we’re
taking steps to ensure safety?In the name of safety,people have the capacity
to destroy life as they know it. This is what creates vicious spirals. For example,let’s say that suddenly overnight
everyone began to panicthat if they didn’t withdraw their
money from the market completelythat the entire financial system
is going to collapseand they’d be left with nothing. So this drives them to take all
of their money out of the marketsnot understanding that their
money being in the marketis what makes the world go round. If they all withdrew
their money overnight,not only would that not be possible
in today’s world of digital currency,it would crash the whole market. They would create the exact
thing that they’re afraid of. Now this would put people
who see this whole dynamicin a rather difficult position.
Wouldn’t it?Because they don’t want to take
their money out because they seewhat the outcome of that’s gonna be,but if everyone else is doing itand they’re the one person not doing it,they are left with nothing. So it would seem that they
feel their hand is forcedto do the very thing that will
end up collapsing the entire system. What’s that very thing?Acting in their own best interest. The definition of a safe relationshipis when one person takes the
other person’s best interestsas a part of their own best
interests and vice-versa. That’s the most straightforward
definition of safety in a relationship. when we are in self-preservation mode,by definition this is exactly
what we are not doing. If we’re not doing it,that means we are also by definition
unsafe to other people. And if other people
feel like we’re unsafe,they’re going to treat us like a threat,which makes us more unsafe. And so this vicious cycle goes. It takes some deep deep looking
to see the vulnerability,the fear and pain underneath
these warring strategies. If we did look, we would quickly seethat the best strategy
for actually being safe,is not to focus on preserving ourselves. The best strategy is to focus onalleviating the other person’s
fear and pain instead. It’s a drastically different focus. It’s a step towards taking
others as a part of ourselves,which is a far more objective
response than strategy. You will hear a lot in the coming yearabout how bad fear is. That may in fact be the
interpretation that you have takenout of what I’ve said
so far about fear today,but here’s what I want to say about fear:Fear will never go away. You’re not going to live
a life where there is none. Fearlessness does not actually exist. Degrees of fearfulness exist. Brief moments of fearlessness exist,but fear, in and of itself,will not go away. Your choice is to be
in a relationship with it. And it’s actually quite valuable. Fear is neither good or bad. It would benefit you to
think of fear as information. It is information about what is
deeply unwanted within you. This is an interesting way
to look at fear, isn’t it?Because it means that present in fearis also a deep,
although mostly subconscious,understanding of what a person
deeply wants and needs. Everything dependson how that information that
we could call fear, is used. The thing is,
is that most people don’t knowwhat to do with information
that falls into that category of fear. This is something that the media
must wrap their heads around,if they want to avoid
even more blood on their handsthan they already have. Reacting to fearcauses us to do really stupid things. Ignoring fear causes us
to do really stupid things. Your task in this upcoming year,is to master fear. I recognize this is a very tall order,but if all we can do
is be in the practice of it,then that’s enough. Fear is inherently about separation. By its very nature,it is an instinctual reactionto push something or
someone away from you. And fear is the number one
most isolating experience on the planet. The more fearful we are,
the more alone we are. To help visualize this,I want you to think
about there being a circle. Now, I want you imagine that
you’re standing in this circleand you start to push everything and
everyone away from you, outside the circle. Pretty soon you are standing
inside that circle completely alone. Now, let’s look at this another way;Let’s say that you push yourself
away, you go and you isolate. “I want to get away from these things.
I’m afraid of them. “So you step outside the circle. Yet again, everyone else
is inside that circleand you’re on the outside of it,
yet again alone. This is how fear and loneliness
Prevents connectionand prevents us from taking
others as a part of ourselvesand therefore acting
in their best interests. And this is what you want from
everything and everyone around you. You wish your government would
take your best interest into considerationwhen they make decisions, do you not?Well, there’s great wisdom to the conceptthat you should live as
you wish others would live. What is preventing youfrom taking others as a part of yourself
and making decisions accordingly?This does not mean to abandon
your own best interests. It means simply to keep yours and theirs. And if there’s a conflict between them,to try to find a third option. This outbreak has caused
us to fear each otherand there is a big difference between1. Deciding to take precautions
relative to transmission,and 2. Fearing everyone
and pushing everyone awayand separating and isolating people. So what is the opposite of fear?The answer is love. If fear is to push something
away from yourself,love is to takes something
as a part of yourself. You could think of them as two opposite
movements within the universe at large. What I will tell you is that you
will make very different decisionsout of a space of love,than out of the space of fear. Does this always meanthat putting two thingsin the same space together is loving?No, actually it does not. If you loved a lion and
you also loved a lamb,the chances of you putting them in
the same pen if you loved them bothwould be small. Would they not?You will be making
decisions for other peopleas if they were you. And it’s probably the most important
thing we could possibly doas a human race right now. This also means that there’s
nothing more importantthan to reown your own fear
and to take responsibility of itas if it were a crying child. When a child cries for help
because it’s terrified,that doesn’t always meangetting rid of or alleviating
whatever is causing the fear. Just think about a child who’s
terrified of their own shadow,which is a quite common experience
actually, for some toddlers,they’re terrified because their shadowkeeps following them around
and following them around. Is it possible for you
to get rid of the shadow?No, but what you can dois to change their perspective about it. You can change what they know about it,so that they’re no longer
living in an atmosphere of fear. It is only by owning and taking
responsibility for our fearthat we can care take our fearso as to not let it lead us through life. Instead, we can care take itso as to hold an objective perspectiveabout the situation’s we find ourselves inand the risks we may very well be taking. Because fear tells you very clearlywhat you don’t want and don’t need,the door is wide, wide open,like I said,for a very clear understanding
about what you do want and do need. And if you could take your attention
off of pushing against the unwantedso as to put all of your
focus, energy and actionin the direction of what you want,in a very direct way,your life would change drastically. So would your sense of empowerment
relative to the situation at hand. I’m gonna ask you a question;What is the Covid-19 situationtelling you that you want and need?Is there a way you could put
your focus and energy and actioninto those things
in a much more direct way?Every time somebody “outside you”makes a move or makes a decision,I want you to consider it a chess move. Your job is to figure outwhat move you’re going
to make in response. So every time there’s
a change or an adjustment,you reevaluate what you really want,
what you really need,what your actual priorities are,and you adjust accordingly. And I will tell you that
in the upcoming yearthe person who is going to do the best,is the person who can reevaluate,
and reevaluate, and reevaluate. Not a person who is tied to
the concept of certainty or stability. I’m gonna give you a personal example;Yesterday President Trumpdeclared a state of emergency
in the United States. We decided to cancel
both of our events this month. That may have come as quite
a shock to some of you. Especially because you know me. What I want and what I need,is to teach. What I want need is to continue
fulfilling my purpose here. This is what makes me the
happiest on a personal level. It’s what I’m motivated to do
the most for other people as well. However,a higher need of mine is togetherness. This means that myself and my teamhad absolutely no interest
when it came down to prioritizing,in risking that people
who came to my eventswould be separated from their family,facing quarantines or
potential closures of borders. Granted this whole process it does
get significantly more difficultwhen you’re facing a lose-lose scenario,in which there’s fear
on both sides of a decision. However,this understanding that every
single situation you find yourself in,makes you more clear about what you really
genuinely want and really genuinely need,still allows you to do
a good job at prioritizingeven you find yourself
in a lose-lose scenario. And for any of you who are
interested in this, I have a videospecifically teaching peoplehow to deal with lose-lose scenarios. I suggest you go look at that video upif you’re struggling with a
lose-lose in your life today. Also, if any of you are
interested in understandingwhat to do about fear
in a much more in-depth waythan I can go into in this video,I have an entire chapter
dedicated to it in my book titled:The Anatomy of LonelinessOne of the many gifts
of near-death experienceis that it allows you
to measure life or existencenext to so many things. And I’m going to tell you something
that I don’t ever want you to forget;Fear has a way of convincing people
that the most important thing is survival. It’s not. It’s quality of life. It is quality of life,not survival,that humanity has to be standing for. In anticipation of 2020and the period of time surrounding it,I have been teaching relentlessly,
if you haven’t noticed,about this practice of taking
others as a part of yourself,so as to take other
people’s best interest,not just people, beings best interest,as a part of your own best interests. Covid-19 at the most objective level
within the universeis a manifestation
of the failure to do this. The failure of humans
to take nature as a part of themselvesand thus to commit environmental abuse. The failure of the individuals running
major corporations and governmentsto take citizens as a part of themselvesand thus profit off of their suffering. The failure to take the most basic
human emotional needs that we haveas a part of ourselvesand thus make decisions that
will damage our capacity to thrive. The most important thing
you can do as an individualwhich will change the way you
respond to anything you fear,is to take that which you see as other,as a part of yourselfand by doing so,
to take their best interestsas a part of your own best interests. To do so is to fix the rootof the entire weed of sufferingthat is running rampant
throughout the human race,especially at this time. I believe that each and every one of youwhether you decide to do it or not,is in fact capable of this. You are capable of popping
that bubble of narcissismthat fear causes you
to build around yourself. You have the power to choosehow you will respond to any given
situation you may find yourself in. You have the power to not
act like a herd animaland do what everyone else is doing. You have the power to askwhat your fear is telling you
that you deeply want to need. And you have the power,
with that information,of focusing your energies,
efforts and actionsstraight in the direction of what
you’re deeply wanting and needing,instead of pushing against the unwanted. You are capable of taking others
as a part of yourselveswithout abandoning
your own best interests. Because you are capable of love. Have a good week. If you liked this video,be sure to share it,like it and also subscribe to my channelso you can see more content like this. But I want to personally thank youfor taking the initiative
and having the braveryto step into the space of awarenessnot only for yourself,but for the benefit of those around you.

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