We are extremely pleased that you’re
here thank you so much I really set theintention to be in the seat with you
today so thank you and my question is Iknow that I have a purpose and a calling
to be happy yes 4/6 yes now to be happynow
be happy not later now yeah that’s yourpurpose in your calling exactly constant
calling than your intervene is callingyou to come here you’ll feel good come
here you’ll feel good come here you’llfeel good come here you’ll feel good
come here you’ll feel good come hereyou’ll feel good come on come on right
and I know this logically and I’m therea lot of the time then it’s more than
logic you’ve proved it to yourself rightright for sure it’s not theory nothing
you know exactly I know for sure and Ihave gotten used to more used to
following my emotional guidance and I’mso grateful for all of your work and my
current career is not really exactlyaligned with us all right yeah you’ve
got a choice mm-hmm be in a careerthat’s not really aligned and feel good
about it or be in a career that’s notreally everything that you want it to be
and feel bad about it because if yourgoal is to live happily ever after now
not happily ever after happily ever nowthen
don’t you want a segment intend yourselfinto alignment now absolutely and won’t
that lead to more and more and more andmore and more and more and more yes and
I knew that and I just wanted you totell me that
we have some questions for you sir doyou believe that through the short my
city’s lived and the experience thatyou’ve had that you have put all of your
preferences into your vortex absolutelyyou think everything’s there you don’t
think you don’t know I think it’s alwaysexpanding is it possible that your inner
being literally guided you to thisexperience because of so much more data
that can go quickly into your vortexabsolutely and it’s happening fastest
very fast and so look at it as a reallyfertile ground for clarifying your
vortex for yourself rather thansomething that’s holding you apart from
what you want because your experience asit unfolds is benefitting tremendously
from what you are living right nowthat’s always true to some extent but it
is really big-time true with this I seecuz I feel the contrast the immense
contrast between my current job and whatI am already doing for example for
example when I am doing what I’mpassionate about which is speaking
coaching people writing I feel so muchenergy and just flow but what you’re
describing is the flow not the thingit’s not what you’re doing it’s the flow
that you’re describing so now make thestatement about where you are tell us
how it feels where I am so in my currentjob I feel almost like exhausted by it
I’m exhausted in my current job becauseI’m not focused on it in a way that my
inner being is flowing with me my innerbeing is appreciating all of the aspects
of this job but I’m choosing to look atit differently so since I have a
different opinion than my inner beamdoes about this perfect place where I
now AM I’m exhausted by it because I’mnot allowing myself the invigoration
that my inner being is feeling rightwell but a very conditional person would
say I need to be in a different place sothat I can feel better and somebody
who’s understanding this would say Iwant to feel better right where I am
yes and that’s the message I’ve beengetting from you through many sources
yesyes let’s play with this a little bit
describe it briefly about how it’sexhausting you and then let’s find
another way of looking at it okay thinkhere so I take on the energy of my
patient so before you go before you getthere to your work you’re in your house
getting ready to go how are you segmentintending are you rushing are you
rushing to be on time sometimes so areyou taking pleasure in the reading of
yourself for your segments coming nextwell it kind of starts right there so it
you screwed up that segment so nowyou’re in the car and you’re on your way
are you taking pleasure in the beauty ofwhat’s out there are you appreciating
the magnificence of your vehiclesometimes I am sometimes but well how
are you generally feeling on your way towork
it’s a patent one quick question lookingforward to it or dreading it driving it
really isn’t that interesting dreadingit
so a segment that’s coming up I’m usingthat as my excuse to block myself off
front no wonder you’re exhausted you’vepinched off all the replenishment you’re
not letting any of the naturalreplenishment in you’ve got it all
blocked off it started when you firstgot up and so now you walk in the door
and since you’ve been we appreciate thisso much co-creating at its worst so
that’s the momentum that you’ve gotgoing when you show up at work what’s
the trend that’s the trend glad to bethere not really looking forward to
being someplace else yeah god yesanyplace else let’s walk through it
another way so you awakened and youslept good and you’re comfortable in
your bed and the temperature in yourroom was nice and you got a good night’s
sleep and you wake up and you’ve decidedbefore you even went to sleep that
you’re gonna wake up and look forpositive aspects and so did you find
some oh yeah yeah feeling pretty good isthere anything that greets you in your
house when you wake up that is positivein nature that you’d like to talk about
here um anything that greets me I mean Ihave a cat yeah a happy cat a cat that’s
so far out ahead of it you’re not gonnabring that cat
because that cat could care less abouthow much sleep you got or the fact that
you’re going to go off someplace youdon’t want to be because that cat is
stretching in the Sun and eager for thefood to be offered that cat should be
feeling guilty because it should beearning its own food right so you’ve got
this cat that you’re just really happyto see what else and if my boyfriend’s
there I get some cuddles in the morningthat’s yeah that’s nice he makes me
breakfast or even that really and so didyou earn itso now you’re in your vehicle and you’re
on your way and because you have somepositive momentum going now you are more
likely to feel a little more eager aboutthis day you see what happens is if
you’re not segment intending if you arenot focused on the potential pleasure
from the segment that you’re in ifyou’re in a segment where you’re moving
through traffic but you are dreadingwhere you’re going
can you see how so don’t think aboutwhat’s coming next
instead prepare yourself for the best ofwhat will be there when you get there so
bask notice the traffic that’s flowingfor you notice others that yield to you
and let you in how long is your commuteI Drive like all day to people’s homes
so I’m driving a lot so you’re in a lotof traffic yeah you’re in different
places you see different things there’sa lot of variety to see some of it you
don’t want to see some of it you wouldlike to see but in every situation there
is always something that you can see andfeel good about and so now you’ve
arrived somewhere and under this newscenario because you’ve got some
momentum going and because you’re tunedin tapped in turned on in a way that you
are not usually you’ll meet them at adifferent place you just will because
it’s attraction attraction attractionattraction it’s not assertion they
cannot assert themselves into yourexperience if you’ve had a good morning
and a good commute and you walk in andyou’re tuned in tapped in turned on they
cannot evoke something that doesn’t feelgood from you because you’ve got that
momentum goingyou’ve got your sea legs you’ve got your
shock absorbers you’re in touch withyour inner being who has insight into
you and into them and into the processto get them from where they want to be
so they have desires that they hold youhold some of those same desires and now
your inner being is calling you towardthose it’s very satisfying and when you
leave there you know what you say yousay what Esther says when she goes
behind the curtain at the end of the daylike this oh my god does it get any
better than this isn’t this just themost wonderful thing in the world that I
get to be here in the middle of all ofthis well it doesn’t matter if you are
talking to one person or to a roomful ofpeople
thesatisfaction factor is the same when you
tune into who you are and deliverreceive and deliver from that
non-physical perspective thesatisfaction factor is enormous mm-hmm
so one last question yes it’s all greatthank you so much I know this is my
human self but I’m wondering like interms of how do I know because I am on
the path to creating a new career formyself that feels more aligned and I’m
not sure when let’s pick up that stickthat says career okay
it doesn’t say what’s your current labelfor your job occupational therapy it
doesn’t say that it might say that onthat end but what’s on the other end of
that how does your inner beam describeyour job from the other end of that
stick up lifter intuitive articulategood communicator tuned in tapped in
turned on influencer isn’t that whatwould be on the other end of any
occupational stick that you have yeahthank you yeah really good thank youyou

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