We are extremely pleased that you’re
herehow you doing extremely well good good
so there’s there’s one thing I want tomess around with a little bit I have
been from past experience of you knowthe Abraham sessions where you talk
about filling in the grid I’ve beenfilling in the grid over a subject for
about I don’t know it’s a year and ahalf two years the grid feels in itself
okay you just achieved the you achievethe the properties that caused the grid
to fill in law of attraction fills it inyou just choose so just choose the the
disc that will fill in you’re notfilling it in you’re just choosing the
disc so I have been thinking that myaction is filling in the grid we’re
really the whole time it’s been how I’mfeeling about the subject is family in
the gridyeah and so I’m really not filling in my
own grid other than I’m choosing like byaction I’m not feeling my grid by action
I’m just not being as clear with mythoughts as I could be to create the
path sometimes it’s easy to to get in avery active mode and and think that
you’re deliberately creating throughyour action where your action is really
a byproduct of the grid it’s it’s abyproduct of the vibrational choice it’s
the vibration it’s the byproduct of thedisk you’re spinning on doing something
because of what’s showing up yeah soit’s the inspiration it’s the
inspiration so so if you’re on if you’reon the worried disc the path of least
resistance that is the the the vortexand the path of least resistance that’s
filling in for you is quite differentthan if you’re on the high flying disc
sure and the path of least resistanceand the more
Texas filling in okay so it so so if youcan just accept that everything possible
is out there spinning because you’vebeen and everyone else too
you’ve been all over the place on justabout every subject so there are a lot
of possibilities and now it’s time toaccept that the momentum is what it is
it is what it is and that I have achoice right here and right now where
all of my power is to just flat-outdecide where I want to be because if I’m
depressedthe grid will fill in with depressing
things if I’m angry the grid will fillin with things that make me even more
angry if I’m overwhelmed the grid willfill in with things that cause me to
feel more overwhelming if I’m angry thegrid will fill in with more things that
make me feel angry if I’m frustrated thegrid will fill in with more things that
make me feel free if I’m hopeful thegrid will fill in with more things that
make me feel hopeful if I’m elatedif I’m clear the grid will fill in with
more things like that sure it’s just alaw the grid is responding the Law of
Attraction is responding to the grid youare choosing the question is you’re
choosing it on purpose you’re choosingit by default you’re choosing it through
observation your are you choosing itthrough focus are you choosing it
through focus wheels are you choosing itthrough the movie you watched are you
choosing that are you choosing thatbased on how you want to feel are you
choosing it because you want to beintellectual in a conversation with
somebody that’s snarky and talking aboutsomething are you are you choosing it
because because you’ve practiced thatvibration and it really is who you are
are you choosing it because you are youchoosing it because your founder you’re
choosing it because you’re lost in otherwords those are the questions okay so
basically what I take from that is isyou have a choice to have lazy focus or
a little bit more solvent concentratedfocus well momentum is gonna that lazy
focus or concentrated focus that’s thesubject of momentum so you choose lazy
focus that feels good like floating in apool somebody rubbing my feet
petting the cat watching a sport eventthat I like you choose lazy focus that
feels good and stay there for a whilesure and it won’t stay lazy it will
because momentum must ensue it alwaysdoes
nothing ever stands still law ofattraction will compound it and
compounded seventeen seconds brings morea bang 17 more seconds brings more a
bang in other words you can’t stopmomentum but you can choose the
direction off the momentum we like thisconversation
the funny thing about is like I okay solet me just get cut to the fat then I
fell in love in love with a human beinganother another young lady in love best
I’ve ever felt in a relationship beforeand I knew I was choosing to feel in
love okay thencircumstances started to change in it
and at this point in time I no longerfeel in love with that person would like
to but now wondering well maybe that’sjust not the person I want to feel in
love with anymore or can I get my focusback to feel in love with this person
again as I know that’s my choice do Ireally care about that that much to do
it with this person or should I move onwell the thing is law of attraction will
keep yielding to you and so whathappened was we what happened was in the
earlier stages where there was lessmomentum sure it was easier for you to
stay in love sure but because you didn’tmaintain your high flying disk then that
momentum wasn’t the momentum thatincreased definitely it really is it’s
just that simple so they sometimes it’seasier to just have another fresh start
somewhere but the thing is havinganother fresh start
we’re not talking about finding anotherbeautiful girl we’re talking about
another fresh start with you and that’sthe long slow hard way get up here
little dummynow you gotta learn to walk man you
gotta get to you I wanna be you knowwhat and so and so and so the best thing
always to do is to we liked yourquestion can I can I be in love again
are you really asking are you reallyasking us are you really asking us is
the potential for what’s in my vortexhere or do I need to look somewhere else
yes but okay okaywhat I feel is it’s here yes because
it’s hereyou see you want you want the perfect
person to appear in perfect formabsolutely just swoop me up man we don’t
we want you to create the perfect personthrough your focus on her perfection so
why am I feeling resistance with thatcrazy yeah I was gonna say it ain’t true
we’re just I know you are you feelresistance because because I said I
don’t want to give that to her based onhow we got to where we are now yeah yeah
so how do I just give that to her yeahcan’t get there from that son-of-a-gun I
know I’ll get there from there becausebecause you got on the competitive disc
you got on there you got on theresentment disks so and I didn’t realize
I got on there until we got yeah tillthe momentum yeah showed showed you more
yeah yeah so just chill be in thequestion because there we have to say to
you like it’s not a place to make adecision from just for sure for sure for
sure okay for sure that’s why I haven’tdone anything how does I feel and
something else that’s really importantto know that there is no perfect person
there’s just your perception of aperfect person so it’s okay to want
something different if I want somethingdifferent of course but just knowing
that though it’s something differentain’t coming unless I’m different
perfectly said but there’s a but butthere’s but there’s another piece that
we really want you to hear and that isthis perfection we know that’s not even
what you’re reaching for but but let’sjust use it because it’s easier than
starting through and trying to findanother word perfection is in the eye of
the beholder mm-hmm and so what mostpeople are doing is looking around for
the person that is just there that justWow’s you and bedazzled you and just
sweeps you over and but what we want youto understand is that it’s an inside job
and so you’ve got you have to it’s likeyou’re the miner for the gold nobody
just shows up with all the gold you mindfor it you see and and the more you find
the more you are likely to find more andthe more you find the more you believe
until and that’s what true love is truelove is your ability to stay in
alignment while you look at someone youwant to be an a true unconditional lover
not a conditional lover because no onehas the capacity to hold their
conditions in a way that will pleaseanother it’s not a possible thing you
say so this is a good place to practiceGod and if you will remember where you
were and how you felt when you met whereyou were and how you felt when it first
got going and just do your best toreturn to those thoughts to the it will
stirring you again and more untappedresources of perfection from this
particular person will reveal themselvesto you this is an untied
resource of profound and never-endingjoy that you were about to throw awayokay good okay so I think we’re good
with that one for now okay so we heardit but he didn’t feel it and that’s all
right well you heard it you can’t feelit because because you’ve been in this
sort of defensive place in other wordsyou’re in your head more than you’re in
your vibration here sure which justmakes it a wonderful conversation but
you’re gonna you’ll you’ll get there inother words it’s going to take you a few
days of returning to those feelings thatfelt so good before and you see here’s
here’s what you’re saying like I don’tfeel in love with her right now at this
moment of course not because I practicethe other thing so here’s a good way to
look at it so so here’s here’s here’s aperson in here’s a person and and you
have and and you are focused on each ofthem and but you’re focused upon this
one from your high flying disc andyou’re focused on this one from a lower
flying disc well even if it is the sameperson it seems like two separate people
absolutely I’m living it there’s theperson yeah no I’m serious and then you
say you need to be more stableI do the best I can to not do that but I
am totally understand what you’re sayingyou

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