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In this episode of FTD facts, we are venturing into the world of Islam once again this timeexploring the branch that’s often seen as the wild child of Islam some don’t even recognize it as beingAny part of Islam whatsoever, but I’m talking about Sufism or Sufi IslamIf you prefer that languageWe’re gonna dive right into the world of Sufism and uncover some of the facts and informationAbout it in hopes to better understand who the Sufis really are. Hey, what’s happening everybody?My name is Leroy Kenton and welcome back to another episode of FTD factsThis is a channel where we love to talk about the different countries cultures and people from all around the worldAnd if this is your first time here just go ahead and hit that subscribe buttonIt’s free to subscribe as well as that BellNotification to be notified every time we release a new videoLike this and if you just love learning of your Muslim or just I don’t know loveAre you religious or even not religious hit the like button on this video?Let me know how many of you are out there that love learning here on FTD factsAlright guys, so let’s just jump right in first thing I want to look at is what is Sufism?Anyways, well the word Sufism was initially introduced in the European language in the 18th centurySufism was mainly viewed as an intellectual doctrine and literary tradition at variance with what they say was sterilemonotheism of Islam in recent times many scholars have used other definitions of Sufism such asIntensification of Islamic faith and practice some also defined it as a process of realizingEthical and spiritual ideals many people have even also defined Sufism as a spiritual quality instead in a more practicalContext Sufism is an Arabic word, which is called tasawwufSufism is defined according to the Arabic as an IslamicMysticism the inward dimension of Islam Sufism is also a way of life in which deeperIdentity is discovered and lived out through the human experiencethe deeper identity beyond the already known personality is in harmony with all that exists this deeper identity orEssential self has abilities of awareness actionCreativity as well as being able to love far beyond the abilities of our superficialPersonality. So with that backdrop their Sufism is less a doctrine or a belief system that an experience and a way ofLife when we look back throughout historyWe see that Sufis have often belonged to differenttoric or orders these orders meet for spiritual lessons in meeting places known asZoe oz and what they do is to strive for perfectionAnd to worship Allah as if you see him face to face with the research that we have and the history that we have recordedSufism has been traced to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad through his cousin and son-in-law Ali in modern historythere has been a lot of decline in Sufi order and criticism of some aspects of Sufism bymodernists and thinkers andalso conservativeSalafists have increased nevertheless Sufism has continued to play an important role in the Islamic world and has influenced various forms ofspiritualitywhen we look at the total population of Sufismwe see that it shows that only about 5% of the total population of Muslims say that they follow theSufism way of life according to the world general census body we have about 1. 8 billion Muslims in the entire worldTherefore the total estimated population of Sufism is roughly 90 million nowWhich country has the most Sufis in the world?You see Turkey has the highest and growing population of Sufism in the entire worldSufism is very popular in most Muslim countries and in Africa in places such as Egypt, Tunisia, AlgeriaMorocco and Senegal in these countries Sufism is seen as a mystical expression of Islam now Sufism is traditional inMoroccoBut it has experienced a growing revival with a renewal under contemporaryspiritual teachers now I did mention that Sufism stems from the Prophet Muhammad according toResearch and some other people’s points of viewhoweveraccording to others history shows that the earliest sufi wasMuhammad himself and his companions Sufi orders are based on the pledging of allegiance, which was given to the Prophet Muhammad bycompanions by pledging allegiance to Mohammed means that theShahada or his companions has committed themselves to the service of God the Sufis believe that anyone who pledges allegianceto Mohammed has created a spiritual connection between the seeker andMohammed yeah, that’s a very interesting point and you see the Sufis aim to learn aboutUnderstanding and connecting with God through the Prophet Muhammad. So they’re very much really centered around the profithoweverSufis just aren’t so much into thespecific rules and regulations taken from the Quran or the hadith in the early stages of the development ofSufism the practitioners of Sufism held on to the belief that it is nothing more than the internalization ofIslam as a mystic aspect of Islam it is considered as part of the Islamic teachings that deals with the purificationOf the inner self by focusing on the more spiritual aspects of the religion Sufis strive to attain a directexperience of being connected with God by using theiremotional and intellectual faculties and really training and developing that in order for Sufism to be seen as aRecognized and organized religion by most people in the 11th centurySufism which had previously been a less codified trend in Islam began to be ordered which haveContinued until the present daySo that’s how they sort of established themselves to be more credible in the public eyetowards the end of the first millennium a number of manuals began to be written that summarize the doctrines and teachings ofSufism and two of the most famous of them all are available inEnglish and these are the cash Alma jube of Ali whose weary and there is Allah ofAlka swari now for all you people who are new here to have to be factsYou may not know that we do have a playlist of dedicated specifically to the religion of IslamWe have tons of videos in that playlistI highly recommend that because in this episode we’re just talking aboutSufism but we’ve discussed a lot more about the other branches of IslamAnd we go into the history the teachings we even looked at how Islam differs from all the religions like ChristianitySo I’ll have the playlist link down below in this video descriptionI’ll also link to it in the card section and I’ll have an annotation to it at the end screen of thisEpisode as well. So if you want to continue expanding your knowledge, I highly recommend checking out those videosOkay, so when we look a little bit deeper now into the beliefs of Sufismpractitioners of Sufism believe in the truth of divineLove and knowledge through direct personal experience with God. They attempt to reach a state of temporaryecstaticIntoxication of divine love as well as a lengthened condition of completehuman indwelling with God also I touched on this before but you know instead ofReally looking at the rules and regulations inside of the Quran Sufis decide on pickingpoetry’s andMystics to really devote a lot of their time to they believe that wherever you turn there is the face of GodSufis also believe that the Ascension of Muhammad into heaven is to be amodel for all of us on how our souls can travel to God Sufis believe that the supremeMystical experience is thus achieved in union with God even if only momentarily for the Sufi Brotherhood’s?a 22nd centurymost of the Sufis have organized themselves into different orders or Brotherhood’s that follow the teachings ofparticular Sufi masters one example of the Sufis Brotherhood is theMevlevi Brotherhood this Brotherhood is named after the founderMevlana and the members do a lot of rhythmicWhirling of the body and they engage in this as a spiritual exerciseThey do this as a way to get closer to God each member of the order or Brotherhood was placed at different levelsDepending on the instructions that they mastered the Brotherhood also served an important social function by providingEducational and social welfare services know with that said so what sort of clergy are in the Sufi orders?wellthe Sufi orders or Brotherhood’s are a lot more organized now and they are directed by a master known as apeer asheikh and is Shawn a Murshid or anhu staad they refer to as teachers with divine connections to God and they offer a lot ofphysical and spiritual guidancedear follower as well as they’re a source of inspiration to everyone that belongs to the order orBrotherhood throughout the different landsYou’ll notice that many Sufis are wandering travelers they travel from place to placeAnd they try to spread the word about their way of life. They’re also very conservative when talking about themselvesSo if you ask a Sufi where he is going where he comes from or how does he earn a living?They’ll say something like only Allah knows all that note that concludes this episode on the facts about SufismI hope you really learned something new in this episodeI know I did and as always leave your thoughts and comments down below your voice in your opinion really mattersYou can leave a comment about anything that I mentioned in this episodeOr anything that I didn’t mention that you may want to throw in there. Also. Hit me up on social mediaThose links are below in the video descriptionAnd I can’t wait to see you next time in another episode where we can learn about another topic, so don’t forgetYeah, leave your suggestions for other videos below as well. Okay, guys, that’s it for meMy name is Leroy Kenton, and I’ll see you all real soonHey everyone, thanks for watching this episodenow if you want to continue expanding your knowledge about Sufism and the world of Islam in general here is thatPlaylist that is packed with videos. We also post videos on many different topicsSo tune in every single day for more educational episodes

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