Core Fundamentals in Personal Development – Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina shares with you the three words that you can basically reduce any form of self development work to.

“One of the things I’ve studied are fundamental principles of personal growth. It’s been one of my privileges in getting lots and lots of feedback from people through my website about what growth-experiences they’ve been having. And what struggles they’ve been having as well. And Over a period of years, I began to see a series of strange patterns happened. Like, I’d write an article about improving your finances, and somebody would send me feedback and say; that was a really great article, it really helped me with this relationship problem I was having. And I thought “that’s kind of strange”. And then I wrote an article about health, and somebody would tell me how much it helped them in business. And I thought WHAT? What’s going on here. And as I followed up with these people, what I found out is that what they there getting more out of this article than what I was sharing. They were seeing something else that they needed to grow in another area in life. And that got me rally curious. So I started to ask the question “well, what is that, what was that more general principle? Because then if I could figure out what the more general principle was, I could help people with articles not just with their health, but with their finances, the relationships, career development, spiritual development all across the board. So I began this quest, that took me about two and a half years to figure out what these fundamentals were. And I eventually got it down to just these three simple things, and once I figured this out then everything else in the self development field made sense to me in a whole new light. And the great thing is that each principle can be summarized to just a word. So I’ll share with you the three words that you can basically reduce any form of self development work to. Okay? So here’s what it looks like. I like to draw it in a triangle structure. So our three words are truth, and this marker is a little dead there, let me switch. And love. And this marker’s even worse. Love. Let me try this last one. And.. Power. There we go. Truth is basically a form of growth where you’re trying to get new information. New knowledge. All these are valid paths of growth. You’ve certainly seen situations where you’ve gotten some piece of new information and that was the trigger. It flipped a switch in your mind and you thought; ah! This is what I needed. Especially in business or in health, you come up with some new idea. You encounter something you hadn’t seen before, you try it out, and you see; ah, this works! A new distinction, okay. Many speakers here are speaking about truth. They’re telling you some new idea. Some new way of looking at reality. Some new perspective you hadn’t considered before. And this can unlock a tremendous amount of growth. You can actually create some amazing growth-experiences just by applying this one principle. For instance if you’re suffering financially, and just say, let me just take a look at what my financial situation is. Let me look at how much in dept I am, and let me look at the information I’ve been avoiding even looking at. Let me read some books on finances and books on getting out of dept. You put together a process based on this knowledge you’ve gathered, and boom youære off and running towards a greater level of financial abundance. Power . Power is all about asking action. And this is not power over other people. It’s not control over other people, it’s you being able to create the reality you desire. You creating the lifestyle that you wish to experience. Many speakers here also talk about power. Now the most overlooked principle of personal growth that I see again and again, especially in the personal development workshop environment is love. So that’s what I’m gonna focus on this talk. So because this is rather a different principle that most people are used to, it might take a while to get into this mindset of thinking in terms of this principle. Let me first explain what it is. The principle of love basically says that if you develop a better relationship with the environment, including the people in it, the places you connect with, essentially everything you see in your reality. That we can think of as a relationship. What relationship do you have to life itself? If you can actually improve that — everything else will get easier. All other forms of growth will get easier. Suppose youære an athlete. And you want to go out and become a sports star…….”

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