Yoga to Cure Sinusitis Problems by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull boneas well as the facial bones. Its produces
mucus. That’s why helps in lubrication ofthe entire nasal passage. A healthy sinus
is filled with air, no problem. But when itgets infected, then it is filled with mucus
and this mucus can bring the choking up ofthe nasal passage. It causes pain on the facial
region, basically forehead, cheeks and aroundears. And that is not a healthy Sign. Also,
these blockages in the nasal passage is goingto cause difficulty in breathing. We have
four pairs of sinuses frontal sinus, maxillarysinus ethmoid sinus and Sphenoid sinus. Frontal
sinus is located above the eyes of this eyebrowsand the area maxillary sinus is located on
either side of noes around that cheekbone. ethmoid sinus on either side of the bridge
of the nose. Sphenoid sinus behind the eyes. These sinuses get infected due to cold, cough,
allergies bacterial infection, viruses andeven change of climate. Even when person has
low immunity, sinuses get infected. Such aninflammation of sinuses is called as sinusitis.
This sinusitis could be really irritatingbecause of the nasal blockages. You can’t
breathe only well because of nasal infection,because of pain around forehead, checks around
ear and because of itching on the skin. Hairloss and really bad headache. We must prevent
sinus. It is totally in our hand. How to PreventSinusitis So here are some do’s and don’ts,
which you should know to prevent sinusis. First, avoid bathing. Mistake. Do not play
with water. Do not stay in bath for long. You should take bath within five to 7 minutes
or water on your hair last after you finishwatching your whole body. And this way you
would minimize the wetness period of yourscalp. When head remains cold, that head cold
is going to create problems. It is definitelygoing to inflame the sinuses. I would say
that whenever you have to wash your hair orwant to wet your hair, then carry two towels.
1. Immediately after you become wet, wrapthe towel on your head. So by the time you
come out of your bathroom you are alreadywrapped up and then dry the body out with
another towel. So this is extra precaution,which you should take after that when you
come out, see to it that your room doesn’thave any fan or the AC is not on. You should
be in a normal temperature. Avoid breeze onyour body because breeze will cool down your
system more. After all, what is this? Cold?Cold is deficiency of Heath, so you have to
increase heat in your body. Don’t cool down. So sit in your room after bar for 5 7 minutes,
quietly let the sweat come out. If at all,you are in a humid climate and then quietly
wipe your body nicely. As far as hairs areconcerned, thoroughly rub your calf nicely
with dry towel and then if at all, you haveto use. Then use your hair dry sparingly and
wait for some time. After bath, person shouldsit quietly for at least 10 minutes and do
all these things and become very dry and clean. Number two, Write bedtime discipline. Make
sure that when you sleep you don’t sleep underfan or when the AC is strong on on your body,
see to it that your body doesn’t cool down. Suddenly the strong blast of air because of
fad and AC on face is going to inflate irritateyour sinuses and you will suffer from sinus
cycles. When you sleep, the blood pressuregoes low. The circulation on face is definitely
poor. So while sleeping you should cover yourface with scarf or one pillow above your head
so that the frontal sinus are warmed up andthis warm sinuses will not have excess mucus
passages would remain open. So while sleepingperson must cover their head and sleep. In
hot climate, take a very thick loin clothin cold climate where a monkey cap and sleep,
but you should keep your head warm. Your sleepingposition also is an important factor. Suppose
your right nostril is blocked, then you shouldlie down on the left side, definitely little
Pillow below your head. And if your left nostrilis blocked, lie down on the right side See
to it that you are lying down on sides andpractically on one side. So become aware of
the passages and see to it that the blockagesdon’t remain for a longer time. So the moment
you feel block, turn to other side and openup the blockages and this is how you manage
at night. Third point heat applicant givesome warmth on your face. Keep giving that.
Use Hot water Bag. Keep it on the face forsome time for five minutes and the sinuses
would be warmed up. Warming up of sinuseswith hot water bag will clear the congestion
very fast. Another thing is steam inhalation. You can use steam inhalation. You see that
the congestion is released. You can put adrop of eucalyptus oil in the water and keep
your face over it and inhale. But as far aspossible, use just plain water and see that
the water is not boiling. After boiling water,bring that pot on your table, let it cool
down a bit and then keep your face over itand inhale. Steam fully exhale from mouth.
Inhale from Nose exhale from mouth. Keep yourface over it. The steam will touch your face,
warm up all the sinuses, then wipe your faceand sleep. This is the best way to manage
sinus cycles as far as what to put in yourmouth is concerned. First is water and that
is warm water. Drink only warm water. If youfind your nostril passages are congested,
you should use all these warming techniques. The moment you find your nose is congested
or the moment you find you are sneezing andsneezing. I have noticed people when they
wake up in the morning, they sneeze 20 to30 times. Now. What is the whole problem?
They are not covering their head and sleeping. They are sleeping under fan. The AC is on.
And above all, they are not clearing up theirsinuses. And so immediately use hot water
bag on face. And from next night, see to itthat you cover your head and sleep. Drink
warm water every half an hour, and you willbe clearing up your sinuses very fast. And
automatically you will be preventing the developmentof condition number four, avoid mucus producing
food and see to it that the food is immunityboosting also. Avoid non vegetarian food,
junk food and oily food. All these foods aregoing to produce more and more mucus. Food,
which has lots of spices, also will producemucus. Different people have different tendencies.
There are people who have a tendency to catchcold very fast. Such people should totally
avoid taking a cold drink. Cold drinks shouldnever be there. Ice cream is fine, but ice
cream also should be taken very softly, verygently, like a scoop of ice cream in the Mouth.
Let it Melt. Let it become warm and then allowit to go to your stomach. That would not be
harmful so much. But in any case, if you havetaken any of these things, even in cold drink,
you Sip cold drink in your mouth, keep itin the mouth, make it warm and then let it
go into your stomach. In any case, these areirritants cold drinks ice creams. You have
tried your level best still, so better. Aftertaking these immediately drink warm water,
half a glass of warm water and wash away theresidues in your throat that would help you
to manage things again. People are afraidof curd and buttermilk. They should take curd
and butter milk during day. Those who catchcold cough sinusitis have sinusitis, asthma
allergy don’t avoid curd at butter milk, butit should be in morning breakfast or in the
afternoon or latest by evening by four o’clock. But after that, never take curd or butter
milk at night. Avoid that at night again. See that night food is totally avoided. Such
people they should eat food by seven latest. Rather I would say start sitting on dining
table at 6 30. Finish your food by seven. After that, don’t put anything in your mouth
except warm water. Eat food that will helpyou developing immunity. And here comes the
place of ginger, place of even black pepper. Place of garlic. Garlic. Though it is not
satvik, but as a medicine when it is requiredin our body, you should take garlic. It is
much better than any other medicine. So youshould use these things in your food when
you are suffering from sinusitis. Well inthe morning the congestion is felt very heavy.
Once you start doing your activity, circulationis proper, congestion goes away. So in the
morning person must have what is called asherbal tea. So boil water with ginger, lemon
grass, Mint leaves, tulsi leaves, black pepperand then have a nice liquid, half milk, half
water and drink that, that would be wonderful. Remember that a spoon of Ghee should go in
your body every day so you could use it onyour chapati. You could use it in your vegetables
in whatever way a spoon of Ghee should goadd sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables
to your diet. In olden times the treatmentfor cold cough sinusitis was nothing else
but vitamin C. That’s why try and see thatyou drink lemon juice but hot in a day with
honey inside or jaggery liquid inside andsee to it that you are taking Amla. Amla is
30 times more vitamin C and so something todo with Amla, Amla chutney or Amla Supari
in whatever way you can eat Amla. Amla alsoshould go into your system. At night a glass
of turmeric milk with little pinch of pepperwould work wonders to see that the mucus is
handled well and your immunity system remainsstrong. Fifth point, Yoga practices all these
yoga techniques asanas, Pranayams, hygienic,criyas all these work wonders in keeping your
sinuses healthy and keeping sinusitis awayfrom your system. When you find that the mucus
is accumulated in your body, then do one thing. Do the tapping. You are as if hammering your
finger around your sinus region. So this isthe way you should do the tapping over there.
You are increasing circulation to the surfacelevel by wish you are releasing the congestion.
Press and release, Press and release. Pressthese areas strongly on both the sides. Massage
your forehead, press and release. This isa very strong technique to release the congestion
during day. When you find that your nostrilsare open, they are totally free from blockages.
Then definitely do jala neti with saline waterand which should be a little warm. Form a
habit that whenever you are just sitting doingnothing. Two things you should be doing regularly.
One is Kapalbhati breathing in and breathingout fast the air at the nasal passage That
is, this and second Kapalrandhra Dhouti movingyour hand on your forehead around ear around
around your cheeks. Your hand should be warm. In addition to all these simple simple things,
one must practice asanas and Pranayams regularly. These are most powerful techniques to keep
your immune system strong and your body conditionvery fit and healthy. Certain asanas like
Talasana where you are raising your handsup using all the different sets of muscles
which are used in breathing are wonderfulasanas Parvatasana, Konasana number three,
When you are bending down and looking up,the sinuses are getting cleared up. Yoga Mudra
when you are bending forward to increase circulationto face regions, chakrasana and bending back
and bending forward again to help increasein circulation and in lying down thing Yashtikasana
again, whole bodies getting stretched Hastapadangushthasanaand various variations and Bhujangasana lying
down and lifting your head up. These asanasshould be done very regularly with this one
thing more and that is surya namaskar threesets of surya namaskar should be done every
day. Don’t do too much. Don’t fatigue yourselftired yourself only see that the circulation
on the whole body is perfect and good circulationon the face is improved in Pranayam, Anuloma
Viloma is a much because it really focuseson each passage correctly. And then finally
Pranayama number four, when you lie down andbreathe in and breathe out to see that the
diaphragm is functioning well, the tensionof your body is felt at diaphragm region so
you are releasing the tension of your bodyand that would help in sinusitis. Sinusitis
is a condition, understand it’s not a disease. Don’t take any medicines for sinusitis. There
are people who say take this medicine forone full year and you will be free from sinusitis
or free from cold. No problem comes suddenlyin your body. Body always gives signal. Winning
is always with some simple thing and theseare two simple things like congestion of nose
sneezing little pain here and there. Immediatelyattend to it. Whatever we have shown you till
now. Just follow them meticulously. And youwill notice that slowly, slowly will not get
into this trouble at all. You would preventthe problems. You will be able to function
regularly. Change of climate and weather willnot affect you because you have attended to
yourself immediately above all these management. Mind management is so important. Very sensitive.
Mind, touchy, mind. Somebody says somethingand you get hurt. Now that is going to affect
your sinuses. You will have reactions of climaticchange too. So try and see that you become
mentally mature. Try and see that for little-littlethings you don’t get angry sometimes it is
mentioned that panted anger is the basic emotionin people suffering from all these airway
problems. Try and see and Don’t take stress. People are different than they are going to
be different. Accept them as they are andenjoy their varieties. And relaxation definitely
helps in building up immunity to work againstall infections and all allergies. Always be
physically active, be energetic. Come on,run around physically, be fit. And that would
help. Try and see that you take life joyfully. You take interest in life, take interest in
weather nature around you, and that wouldhelp you to cope up with all these problems
very easily. If no physical activity is possible,at least climb five floors up and down two
or 3 times in a day. And that would keep yourlungs your sinuses absolutely free from pollution.
So try and take care of yourself in this fashionEnjoy life. Be joyful, jumpy, bubbly, and
enjoy every moment. Namaskar

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