Will Smith | Motivation – THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video for Success 2018

fail early fail often fail forward you
know it’s always a little bitfrustrating to me when people have a
negative relationship with failurefailure is a massive part of being able
to be successful you have to getcomfortable with failure yeah you have
to actually seek failure failure iswhere all of the lessons are you know
when you go to the gym and you work outyou’re actually seeking failure you want
to take your muscles to the point whereyou get to failure because that’s where
the the adaptation is that’s wheregrowth is successful people who fail a
lot they fail a whole lot more than theysucceed but they extract the lessons
from the failure and they use that thethe energy and they use the wisdom to
come around to the next phase of successyou got to take a shot you have to live
at the edge of your capabilities you gotto live where you’re almost certain
you’re gonna fail that’s the reason forpractice practice is controlled failure
you’re getting to your limit getting toyour limit getting to your limit you
can’t lift that you can’t do that youuntil you get to the point that all of a
sudden your body makes the adjustmentand then you can do it failure actually
helps you to recognize the areas whereyou need to evolve so fail early fail
often fail forward I found myself in aroom with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I
was like okay I want to be the biggestmovie star in the world and Arnold
Schwarzenegger he said he saidthe most important thing is that you
have a vision did you have a cornbecause without that vision and without
that core again you’re drifting aroundif you’re never gonna end up anywhere
people don’t become successful just byaccident you know I mean maybe the guy
that found gold in California andstarted the gold rush but don’t count on
that that’s a one-in-a-lifetime kind ofa situation so you got to really have a
specific order to me to have that visionthat I want to be mr. universe they
don’t want to be the greatestbodybuilder of all time that was a great
vision and that specifically would looklike reg Park and to be up there on that
stage and to lift the trophy overheadand to win the championship over and
over and over again so that was a greatcore you have to have a corner it
doesn’t have to be that specific corebut it has they have some core this is
why I always recommend to people sitdown take your time instead thinking
about why do you want the workout whatis your core dreams without goals remain
dreams jet streams and ultimately fueldisappointment dreams without goals
yearly goals like goals daily goalsmonthly goals hourly gold
minute-by-minute gold dreams withoutgoals are just dreams and they
ultimately fuel disappointment goals onthe road to achievement cannot be
achieved without discipline andconsistencysuccessful people fail a lot they fail a
whole lot more than they succeed butthey extract the lessons from the
failure and they use that energy andthey use the wisdom to come around to
the next phase of success when you hadthat third failure in a row did you
think I need to pack this in why notI don’t ever give up I mean I’d have to
be dead or absolutely incapacitated theonly thing that I see that is distinctly
different about me is I’m not afraid todie on a treadmill I will not be be
outworked right period you know youmight have more talent than me
you might be smarter than me you mightbe sexier than me you might be all of
those things you got it on me in ninecategories but if we get on the
treadmill together right there’s twothings you’re getting off first yeah or
I’m gonna die it’s really that simple soyou’ve got to have some reasons that
when life knocks you down there’s goingto hell oh it’s guard to knock you down
when people disappoint you and that’sgoing to happen when they betray you and
that’s gonna happen when they lie to youand that’s gonna happen they say oh you
can count on me and they won’t show upand that’s going to happen when you want
to throw in the towel and give upyourself and that’s gonna happen when
life collapse on you and catch you onthe Blind Side it drops you to your
knees to start showing you what reasoncan you remember that you can call on
that you can reach on that can make youget back up find that reason
cuz alive it knocked me down I said lifeI’m doing this because I want to make my
mama proud of meI’m doing this because I want my
children to have a better life than whatI have
I’m doing this because all my life I’vebeen told I’d be a loser
that I wouldn’t make it all my life Iheard people said made me take them back
to the welfare department I’m doing thisto make them Allah I believe like Frank
Sinatra he said the best revenge in lifeis massive success so first we have to
define success for ourselves and then wehave to put in the work to maintain it
take that daily tally tend our gardenkeep the things that are important to us
in good shapelet-let-let submit it we’ve all got to
wolves into some good one and a bad andthey both want to eat best I can tell we
just got to feed that gookit is proven that the kids don’t do as
well in schoolthat’s subcultures of crime break out in
the community because if you don’t seebetter you don’t do better what they
have learned over time is that mixedincome housing does the best so that the
kid who’s on welfarelives across the street from the kid
whose dad is a doctor because if you cansee up oh come on you you might not have
it but if you can see it in yourneighborhood you learn to put a demand
on life and expect more for yourselfbecause you say if he can’t do it but if
you don’t see anybody toward it you stopreaching for
and you cannot receive anything you’renot reaching for if all you’ve ever seen
is povertyif all you’ve ever seen this domestic
violence let me tell you you like thatidea of happily married but you will
pick somebody who’s mean cuz the niceguy is boring and the nice guy who fell
in love I don’t know he’s nice but I’mjust not attracted to him you’re
attracted to what you’re exposed to andeven though you say you don’t want it
you end up warden what’s your normal issometimes you’ve got to come a little
piece of yourself oh yeahno matter how much you hurt
in order to croptell me I believe anything is possible
right I live in the world a possibilityand I also believe that anything we can
accomplish anything with our two handsand just putting in the work with our
two hands and also you hear this oftenbut it’s really really true you got to
find something if you love what you doand find and be passionate about what
you do and find something that you’d bepassionate like it really helps you know
it gives you that motivation when youwake up in the morning sometimes life’s
gonna hit you in the head with a brickdon’t lose faith I’m convinced that the
only thing that kept me going was that Iloved what I did you’ve got to find what
you love and that is this true for workas it is for your lovers your work is
going to fill a large part of your lifeand the only way to be truly satisfied
is to do what you believe is great workand the only way to do great work is to
love what you do if you haven’t found ityet keep looking and don’t settle as
with all matters of the heart you’llknow when you find it fail early fail
often fail forward you know it’s alwaysa little bit frustrating to me when
people have a negative relationship withfailure failure is a massive part of
being able to be successful you have toget comfortable with failure yet you
have to actually seek failure failure iswhere all of the lessons are fail early
they’ll often fail forward I’m not gonnawhat I’m going to get destroyed but if I
can just be lucid if I can still bestanding on my feet
you know what life isn’t so bad and Ithink again symbolically at the very end
of our lives if we can still say youknow we were never humbled we were
knocked down but we got up and I can sayI lived life with integrity and I took
all the blows as the song says and Istill prevailed I think that’s that’s a
good epitaph for anyonebut how do you keep going why do you
keep going when the world sayseverything else is supposed to be
opposite there’s two sides of pain thatI don’t think a lot of people really
understand right there’s there’s oneside of pain that’s the suffering and
the discomfort side of pain that’s whyeverybody raised their hands when I
first acts do you have everything I’veever been through pain because that
hurts you remember what that felt likebut then there’s another side of pain
that’s called effortit’s called glory
it’s called if you can find a way topush to pain there’s something greater
on the other side of it and and and andif you never tap into it it’s because
the first time you felt that you backedoff first time you feel ah that burn the
first time you feel that happen it’s toomuch and we rationalize with ourselves
to where we automatically stop try bunchof us give up so much in life so quickly
but suppose I told you the greatest painof my fight is the reason I’m standingsuppose I was able to share with you my
routine was so crazy man I was seeingalmost nine doctors for nine weeks 6:00
a. m. full where you liveten days ten days from tricep repair
surgery didn’t have enough strength andI sat down 30 minutes and made up in my
mindstop crying make a choice like you just
decide what its gonna be who you’regonna be how you’re gonna do it just
decide and then from that point theuniverse is going to get out your way
this lets water once it wants to moveand go around stuff you’re not wish me
said auntie Oh mind be formlessshapeless like water now you put water
into a cup it becomes the cup you putwater into a bottle it becomes the
bottle you’re putting in a teapot itbecomes the teapot now water can flow or
it can crashbe water my friend pain is temporary it
may last for a minute or an hour or aday or even a year but eventually it
will subside and something else willtake its place if I quit however it will
last forever courage courage is the keyto life itself
a lot of people who were born insituation of us if I just I’ll never get
out of this so they won’t I say topeople say well I would like to have
done so and so on so somebody could havedone it so but I couldn’t get out of
here man the bus runs every daysuccessful people fail a lot they fail a
whole lot more than they succeed butthey extract the lessons from the
failure and they use that the the energyand they use the wisdom to come around
to the next phase of success I’m notafraid to fail I’m not afraid to fall
over make a mistake that often timecripples people on the onset of getting
too into anything the first time everpicked up the DJ decks was horrible
horrible now but I’m not afraid of thatI’m not afraid of that feeling it
actually propels me works quite theopposite I believe desire and will to
win is everything I don’t know why I’mlike I am but my butt’s always burning
there’s always something say aredadgummit you’re supposed to go far
apart dadgummit you’re supposed to besomebody you’re supposed to make a
difference with you lie what does the$500,000 your person do the $50,000 your
person doesn’t do you’re looking outsideand study those two individuals
everything seems to be the same theyboth are the same sex they both are the
same age have the same training the samepositions the same contract the same
friends benefitsthey both are successful they work hard
they’re good family peoplemake tough commitments but what’s the
difference what does the $500,000 persondo the $50,000 your person doesn’t do he
pays the price a little bit more heworks Harding a little bit more he’s
loyal to the cutting a little bit morehe believes in a little bit more he
makes Maine a little bit more he savesmoney a little bit more leadership is
everything you show me anything in theseUnited States that win I’ll show you a
leader at work you show me a successfulchurch Boy Scout troop club football
team business I’ll show you somethinga run by leader sissy I thought at one
time in my life you had to be smart towin I used to have these smart people
that dress so pretty and talk so prettyand use these big words they just
intimidated me and I said aren’t youcan’t ever be that good why don’t you
just throw in the towel and going backcoach football for living and I found
two things out about smart people Ithink it’s almost impossible for a smart
person to win in Fitness in Americatoday because I find smart people spend
their whole lifetime figuring things outthey always trying to figure out an
easier way in a quicker way and anotherthing I found out about smart people’s
they just don’t get around to doingnothing they see something I like art
Williams everybody said what he can’t doand somebody like that can’t do it but
he does it see folks I want you to knowalmost everybody in America almost does
enough to win they almost get there theyalmost over the hump they almost have it
going they almost in everything they doalmost as a way of life to almost
everybody in America but the winners doit what do they do they do whatever it
takes to get the job done they do it anddo it and do it and do it and do it
until the job gets done and then theytalk about how great it is to be
somebody they’re proud of we needleaders in America who can do it if you
want to become somebody do it if youwant to go and finish for yourself do it
if you are of a company it’s independentdo it I hear too much talk in these
United States everybody can talk a goodgame we need people in America who can
do it I go all over this country with Alwaves and I have people say hard you you
count on mewonderful just do it hi cutie this is my
life last stop I’m gonna win nowSuperDuper just do it all right if I
could just have one good month and getthe ball going I know I could make it
big super just do it if I can just payall this dad I can really go
just do it I’m gonna sell the house doit but healthy sell it do it anywayI’m not making any money what can I do
you just do it do what are you do it anddo it and do it hard I can’t ever win
this contestSuperDuper just do it I’m over the hump
now watch my smoke grazejust do it hard I’m gonna make you so
bad I tasted what I do you just do itpart of a vice president now can I quit
doing it noNo thank you Paul keeping order I’m
really hurt what I dodid you just do it but do what art you
do it and do it and do it smart all mylife I want to be somebody important
well what do it then I will save moneyso I don’t have to go through this again
great just do it I don’t feel like I’vehad enough training what I do you just
do itmy heart my manager don’t give me no
help what I do you just do it my heart’syou don’t understand I was mr.
everything at my former company youdon’t mean I have to start Dani the bomb
and do it do you yep you really got todo itBoozer’s the one at the winners do it
they do ituntil the job gets done I represent hard
work mm-hmmdetermination motivation I think without
without a doubt if anything else bywatching me it’s simply an example of
hard work pays off that’s what you putinto your craft you can get out to it if
you put a hundred and ten percent intoit and I’m just an example of it the guy
who was willing to hustle the most he’sgonna be the guy that just gets that
loose ball my biological mother foundout later that my mother had never
graduated from college and my father hadnever graduated from high school she
refused to sign the final adoptionpapers she only relented a few months
later when my parents promised that Iwould go to college I had no idea what I
wanted to do with my life and no ideahow college was going to help me figure
it out and here I was spending all themoney my parents had saved their entire
life so I decided to drop out and trustthat it would all work out okay it was
pretty scary at the time but lookingback it was one of the best decisions I
ever made I didn’t have a dorm room so Islept on the floor in friends rooms I
returned coke bottles for the five centdeposits to buy food with
and I would walk the seven miles acrosstown every Sunday night to get one good
meal a week at the Hari Krishna temple Iloved it everybody wants to prize but
nobody loves the process everybody wantsto be a champion but nobody’s willing to
put in the work that it takes to be achampion everybody wants to hold up the
trophy and say man I did it but nobody’swilling to put in the work that it takes
to do it I love the process I love thethought of working for what I wallet and
I firmly believed you never supposed towish for it more than you’re willing to
work for it your expectations neversupposed to exceed your effort but a lot
of people they wish and they’re notwilling to work and the great thing
about life life has a funny way oftesting all of us and seeing how bad we
really want what it is that we say wewant because the thing I know about
people people can talk to talk andpeople do it very well but life is going
to hit you with a certain level ofopposition life is going to hit you with
a certain level of that versity and lifeis going to say to you you said you
wanted it now let’s see how bad youreally want it but the great thing about
it if you love the process whenopposition in that verse see hitch you
will have two we have been racing it andusing it not only for yourself well you
will use it to make everybody that’sconnected to you stronger because your
vision has to be larger than yourself ifeverything that you do is just about you
and for your personal gainsomething’s gonna come up and get you
that’s gonna be a lot tougher than youand if you’re just about to the moment
you hit ityou’re gonna quit and give up every time
stop being this high school dropout stopgiving up stop sleeping on the streets
stop walking up and down freako Avenuelike you ain’t got none and get your GED
stop being afraid to take a test stopbeing afraid to go to college because
your daddy didn’t go and your mamadidn’t go stop being afraid and be the
best Eric Thomas you can be but listento me it’s gonna be hard it took me 12
years to get a four-year degree but Igot it and guess what on a degree they
don’t have dates so if it took you 4that took me 12 then don’t show up
nowherebut I’m exactly where I want to be
because I realized I gotta commit myvery being to this thing I got a boot I
gotta breathe it I gotta eat it I gottasleep it and until you get there you’ll
never be a successful in life but onceyou get there i guarantee you the world
is yours so work hard and you can havewhatever it is you want massive action
is the cure-all massive action is thecure-all if you’re having a difficult
time with something your relationshipisn’t where you want it to be your
finances are not where you want to beyour body’s not where you want to be
your business network wanna be you needto take massive action and if that
doesn’t work try something else ifthat’s his work try something else keep
going with massive action and you willfind the way because it will give you
momentumsometimes some people just make up their
mind and he’s just crying and say theyhate with man cuz sometime that’s all
you can do there’s no other blue ain’tgot no other secrets to tell y’all today
I ain’t come here for nothing else butto tell you if you want to do something
fuck what I am is a guy who’s got 19plus years of the word no mm-hmm
you know like people people just see thelast five years I got 19 years of no
mm-hmm not good enough nope nope you canspend your whole life imagining ghosts
worrying about the pathway to the futurebut all there will ever be is what’s
happening here in the decisions we makein this moment which are based in either
love or fear so many of us choose ourpath out of fear disguised as
practicalitywhat we really want seems impossibly out
of reach and ridiculous to expect so wenever dare to ask the universe for it
I’m saying I’m the proof that you canask the universe for it
my father could’ve been a great comedianbut he didn’t believe that that was
possible for him and so he made aconservative choice instead he got a
safe job as an accountant and when I was12 years old he was let go from that
safe job and our family had to dowhatever we could to survive I learned
many great lessons from my father notthe least of which was that you can fail
but don’t look so you might as well takea chance on doing what you love ever
tried ever failed no mattertry again fail again fail better
the world is yours treat everyone kindlyand light of the night our deepest fear
is not that we are inadequate ourdeepest fear is that we are powerful
beyond measure it is our light not ourdarkness that most frightens us your
playing small does not serve the worldthere was nothing enlightened about
shrinking so that other people won’tfeel insecure around you we were all
meant to shine as children do it’s notjust in some of us it’s in everyone and
as we let our own light shine weunconsciously give other people
permission to do the same as we areliberated from our own fear our presence
automatically liberates othersI can’t explain why I shine and no one
else shows I think everybody shines anddifferent things and a lot of things I
can’t do I can’t play basketball likeevery other black person in America but
I can act not to go to that church bymyself because I’m there every day I
could be me I could be whoever becauseI’m true to me I can go to neutral
easily a lot of people black whiteMexican young or old fat or skin you
have a problem being true to their selfthey have a problem looking in the
mirror and looking directly into theirown souls the reason I sell six million
records the reason I can go to jail andcome out without a scratch
the reason I can walk around the reasonI am lying today is because I can look
directly into my face and find my soulyeah it’s not sold I didn’t sell it it’s
still within me I still feel it my heartis still connected to my body I was just
having a debate with a friend of mineand we got stuck on the difference
between fault and responsibility shekept talked about how some was
somebody’s father somebody’s really nomatter whose fault it is that something
is broken if it’s your responsibility tofix oh it’s not somebody’s fault if
their father was an abusive alcoholicbut it’s for damn sure their
responsibility to figure out how they’regonna do with those traumas and try to
make a life your faultif your partner cheated and ruined your
marriage but it is for damn sure yourresponsibility to figure out how to take
that pain and how to overcome that andbuild a happy life for yourself and
responsibility do not go together itsucks but they don’t when something is
somebody’s fault we want them to sufferwe want them punished we want them to
pay their responsibility to fix it butthat’s that’s not how it works
especially when it’s your heart heartyour life your happiness is your
responsibility and your responsibilityalong is weird pointing a finger and
then and stuck in whose faultsomething is we’re jammed and trapped
into victim mode when you’re in victimoh you’re stuck in South Loop
is in taking responsibility your heartyour life your happiness is your
responsibility and your responsibilityalone let me give you the day that turns
your life around as quickly as I can Igot four parts to the day that turns
your life around and then we’re finishedfor the day
number one disgust disgust disgust is anegative emotion but it can have a very
positive powerful effect disgust saysI’ve had it what an important day that
could be had I met a beautiful powerfulaccomplished executive lady in New York
company invited me to come in this ladywas the vice president extraordinary
lady I got to know her and I found outher story I said how did you get here
big income and she never went to highseven to college never went to
university I said how did you get hereSnagit even powerful income she said the
way let me tell you part of the scenarioshe said when I was a young mother a few
years ago she said one day I asked myhusband for $10 and he said what forshe said
before that day was over I decided Iwould never ever ask againshe said I started studying opportunity
found it took the classes put myselfthrough the schools did the scenario now
I’m vice president I make a lot of moneyand she said I kept my promise I’ve
never ever had to ask again it’s calleda life-changing day the day you say
enoughnow if you can add an act to your
disgust it helps the man takes a shotgunto his car blows out every window
destroys every tire puts a hundredrounds in it and says I’ve driven this
embarrassing thing for the last timeand then he saves it he says and later
when somebody says how did you becomerich and powerful he says let me show
you this carone day I’d had it up to here I blew it
to smithereensenough is enough here’s the last three
next is decision decision making is alife-changing day if you went home today
and in the next few days cleaned up alist of decisions it could furnish
enough inspiration for the next fiveyears ten years what an inspiring day
the day you can bring yourself to decideand here’s the third one desire wanting
too bad enough who knows the mystery ofthat we don’t know but here’s something
I do know sometimes desire waits for atrigger waits for something to happen
who knows what the happening maybe asong the lyrics a movie the dialogue
seminar a sermon a book an experiencedconfrontation with an enemy
a conversation with a friend who findthe levels with you whatever the
experience it is is so valuable andhere’s my best advice welcome all
experiences you never know which one isgonna turn everything don’t put up the
walls the same wall that keeps outdisappointment keeps out happiness take
down the walls go for the experience letit teach you and here’s the last one
resolve resolve says I will to the mostpowerful words in the language Benjamin
Disraeli said nothing can resist a humanwill that will stake its existence on
its purpose shortly put I’ll do it ordie best definition of resolve I got
from a little junior high girl FosterCity California I’m going through some
words one day I got to this one I askedthe kids who can tell me what resolve
means some didn’t know some triedinteresting the last one was the best
little girl about three rows back shesaid I think I know mr. Owen I said what
she said I think resolve means promisingyourself you will never give up I said
that’s the best I’ve ever heardshe’s probably giving seminars somewhere
today right I mean that’s the best I’veheard I asked the kids how long should a
baby try to learn how to walk how longwould you give your average baby before
you say hey enough is enoughno any mother in the world would say
you’re crazy my baby is gonna keeptrying what until what a magic word I
want you to write it down until promiseyourself you’ll read the books until
your skills change you’ll go to seminarsuntil you get a handle on it you’ll
listen to it until it makes sense you’llgo for it until you understand it you’ll
practice it until you develop the skillnever give up until however long that is
step by step piece by piece book by bookword by word Apple by Apple walk around
the block walk around the block go forit don’t miss the chance to grow and
resolve that you’ll paid the price untilyou learn change grow become then you’ll
discover some of life’s best treasureswhen you pay that price

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