Wayne Dyer: Your Ego Will Destroy You ( Wayne Dyer Psychology )

Here are some of the most obviousreasons why your ego keeps you in thisstate of turmoil rather than peace mostimportant your ego has been with yousince childhood it has been nurtured byalmost everyone you’ve ever knowngenerations of those nurturers have alsobeen dominated by their egos your egowants to survive if I continue in astate of inner turmoil it will block youfrom knowing your spiritual self fromthe egos perspective God is a hugethreat so we’ll do all that it can tokeep you from experiencing that innerpeacefulness where God’s voice is sobeautifully clear your eco does not wantyou to change the idea of yourself aself-important unspecial nourishes egokeeping it healthy and operating at fullstrength even though ego itself is anillusion just a false idea that youcarry around with you it behaves as ifit really had a life of its own your egowill make every effort to convince youthat you do not need to change in factif you’re asking yourself why youshouldn’t feel special you are listeningto it right now these are the kinds ofthoughts that have kept you from makingthe changes leading to inner peace theego thrives on fear when you are afraidyou are at the mercy of the ego spherewill drag you to behave in ways thatundermine your sacred self your higherself tells you that there’s nothing tofear that love is the answer toeverything that God is what love is allabout your loving presence assures youthat you do not need to feel guilty orfearful and that if you do it willsubside when you experience inner peacewhen you experience love within you haveno guilt that no fear you know thateverything you are experiencing is inorder including your walls which areyour greatest teachers and the death ofyour body which is ordained for all theworld of the manifest you know thatdeath is a reward not a punishmenttherefore you have nothing to fearunless you listen to your egoencouraging fear and dismissing God yourego wants you to be on the move lookingfor more things to consume and morepossessions to own and more you are onthe move in your life the less time youwill have for knowing your spiritualbase ego cheers you on to stay busy tokeep moving and to avoid the inner questwhere your ego faces restraint your egowants you to face outwardwant you to continue facing the wrongway so that you cannot experience thepresence of God in your life by facing away rather than inward you ensure thestrong presence of your ego forever theconsequences are that you willcontinually feel the pressure to compareyourself with others that need to defeatothers in order to feel powerful or evenworthwhile to have more and better toysto accumulate more trophies all of thisfacing out what is the work of the egowhen he refused to listen it shouts thatyou must be upset when others get aheadof you that you are worthless when youlose at being number one is moreimportant than anything that to settlefor less is to admit to being a loserall of these beliefs are deeplyingrained within you it is verydifficult for you to even imagine nothaving them because the work of your egoand the egos of so many others have beenworking over time convincing you thatthis is the only way to be facing how itwould brings about a sense of innerconflict and agitation that keeps youpursuing the gold star that the egooffers these are a few of the moreobvious pay off your ego uses to keepyou in a confrontational rather than apeaceful mood I have provided somealternatives to the persuasive tacticsof your ego keep in mind that you canrestrain this ego simply by the power ofyour own will all it takes is adetermination to live by the dictates ofyour higher self and a willingness toact on that determination rather thansuccumb to the easier path of the egohere are a few ideas for putting peacein your life permanently thinking ofyourself as a peaceful person is thefirst step but it is only the first stepthe thought must translate into actionin order for you to know peace work atcurbing your inclination to createconfrontation and disruption in thelives of others a simple practice ofpausing and asking yourself whether yourego which loves turmoil or your higherself which loves peace is about to actthat pause will help you to send out apeaceful response even in situationswhere you are feeling impatient ormisunderstood in those situations youwill be able to stay simply for exampleyou are really having a rough day to ahassle talk rather than I’ve beenwaiting for 15 minutes already and I’mreally feeling abused send out piece bycatching yourselfthen consulting your loving presence fora response rather than relying on yourego practice releasing the emotions offear and guilt and replacing them withlove and forgiveness and kindnessrelease the guilt by forgiving yourselfand vowing to avoid that kind of conductin the future you do not need the guiltunless you’re going to allow your ego tocontinue its dominance over your lifeforever for example make a list of allthe things that keep you from lovingyourself and this might include beingoverweight and jealous or nervous oraddicted or incompetent or uncoordinatedthen regardless of how much effort ittakes reverse your mental sentences andstate that you love yourself while beingfat while being addicted and so on thiswill help you to feel peaceful about thechoices you’ve made and to realize thatyou are not that body or those desiresyou are the invisible chooser as youbecome more peaceful with the chooseryou will begin to replace the unhealthychoice in a spirit of love examineeverything that offends you and see ifyou can get your ego out of the pictureif hunger and starvation in the worldoffend you try shifting to a newawareness somehow in some way that I donot comprehend these things occur indivine order and so too does my desireto change it exists in divine order shedwhat offends you and act on your desireto make corrections it will then be noneed to fight similarly if you findsomeone else’s behavior offensive youare interpreting that behavior from yourown self absorbed position which is thatthey shouldn’t act the way they do youchoose to be offended hurt or angry bytheir behavior but they are acting theway they are you are being offended ifyour ego talking to you to keep youanxious and upset if you don’t take itpersonally and if you see the behaviorfor what it is you can work to eradicatethe evils of the world unimpeded by youregos encouragement to be offended keepin mind that grievances bring turmoilwhile communication brings peace if youwant peace in your life rid yourself ofyour grievances the way to shed thesegrievances is to let go of your own selfabsorption and to practice forgivenessrather than revenge as you let go youwill feel a sense of peace overtakingyou if you are angry towards someone inyour life no matter how difficult youmay find itwork at communicating with that personabout your aggrieved feelings you’re anembarrassment or inner anguish overbeing wronged it’s just what your egowants you to experience since it willkeep you away from your sacred quest andkeep you in the collective of youranxiety loving ego keep this littlesentence ready to consult judgment andpeace are hand pathetically of course inmiracles says the strain of constantjudgment is virtually intolerable it iscurious that an ability so debilitatingwould be so deeply cherished you mustmake a daily effort to look upon otherswithout condemnation every judgmenttakes you away from your goal of peaceyour ego loves your judgments becausewith them you remain in a constant stateof anguish and remorse keep in mind thatyou do not define anyone with yourjudgment you only define yourself assomeone who needs to judge judgingothers with condemnation removes thepossibility of your experiencing love ifyou could practice just being stillrather than condemning you will get tothe Bliss I am talking about you do nothave to pretend that you love somethingthat you’re low just get still and letthe judgement subside peace is not foundin being right or being hurt or beingangry by all means work toward rightingthe wrong as you perceive but do it withan understanding that an angry heartkeeps you from knowing God on the pathof your sacred quest peace will come toyou when you are a healer rather than ajudge essentially embracing the truth iswelcoming your higher self and coming toknow God all that is not authentic willdrop away automatically your ego workshard to convince you that you areseparate and better than everyone elseand you know that it does not takekindly to your embracing anything thatthreatens its existence but rememberthat this is your in authentic self yourfalse self deception is going to play abig role in your life when you embraceeagle as your guide therefore in orderto abandon your reliance on that falseself with all of its deception you willhave to make a new agreement with truthi encourage you to actually writeyourself a contract in which you agreeto include truth as your companion inyour thoughts in your conversations andin your life this is a big challenge andperhapsfor you but it is guaranteed to lead youto the path of your sacred self begin bylooking honestly and fearless liat whoyou are beneath all the surfacetrappings that you have surroundedyourself with you have a human storyline as does every person who has everlived on this planet that story linebegins with your conception continues toyour childhood and all of your personalscience and simulations right up to thisvery moment your ego tells you this isyour kingdom your true identity andtherefore you must do whatever it takesto make this story turn out to be a goodone for you but you already know byvirtue of listening to this tape thatthis is not so there is a divine whisperwithin you telling you that this is notyour ultimate home and at the thingsthis life offers are on fulfilling to apart of you you sense that the real youdoes not value appearance andpossessions or achievements or evenphysical strength or talent or intellectbecause all these things eventuallyatrophy and disappear you know thatthere is an eternal aspect of youbeneath the surface and that for thispart of you only the truth will sufficeit is similar to the foods Michelangeloknew as he sculpted the Statue of Davidhe described knowing that the Statue ofDavid was already inside the block ofmarble part of his artistic life wasspent chipping away the excess to revealGod’s creation try to visualize yourinner life in this fashion what existswithin you is not some kind ofhideousness that needs to be lied aboutthere’s nothing imperfect about you thatrequires you to create a whole world ofdeception in order to make you worthy inthe eyes of others there is a lovingpresence residing within you it is asperfect as Michelangelo’s David justwaiting for you to allow it to emerge Ihave worked very hard on this matter oftruth in my own life for a large part ofmy life I have had only a very casualrelationship with truth it was never myintention to be malicious or harm anyonebut I allowed myself to reach into myegos large repertoire of deceptions thiscasual relationship with truth kept mefrom knowing my higher self I hadlearned to listen to my ego rather thanto my higher self whenever it wasconvenient to explain away my ownweaknesses oradequacy if I wanted to have an affair Ifound it easy to explain it away as myentitlement to the pleasures of themoment lying to protect that pleasurewas simply what my ego demanded theeagle was very strong in this directionI found myself on the spiritual path asthe result of a calling rather than as aconscious choice as this happened i sawthat deep within me i did not acceptmyself as a divine being i was at themercy of my false self was told me toproject an image to the world and didnot want me to know God or the truththat is embodied in that knowingconsequently I was deceiving myself tomaintain that false self gradually itbecame intolerable to live with the lieseven the small distortions to truthterrified my Eagle in the beginning thenas I tamed my ego truth became anenjoyable feeling of freedom truth doesliterally set us free at st. John toldus in the New Testament the truth shallset you free truth set you free becauseyou no longer are focused on yourselfand what kind of an image you areprojecting or protecting you find youridentification in the world beyond withthat which is eternal we see in herelies all the time the media is filledwith advertising claiming all manner ofthings that have nothing to do withreality according to advertising you canrecapture your youth if you drive acertain car or find love if you wear theadvertised fragrance or gain new energyif you eat a certain cereal or regainlost intimacy if you use a certaindeodorant our government promotes itspolicies with lies and spends money itdoesn’t have legislators tell us that wecannot have health care because wecannot afford it yet they legislatethemselves comprehensive care we aresupposed to believe that there is nomoney available to assist the poor andill yet we eagerly finance wars andfaraway places we’ve all become used tolies you may have even convincedyourself that to tell lies is aworthwhile activity when you adoptdistortion and deception the problem isthat you’ll always need more of the sameto keep covering your tracks the same istrue for our society ultimately as wemove toward a more spiritual base thelies will decrease both in our cultureand in our personal lives at first whenyou discontinue lying it stings it’slike a new remedy onopen wound your willingness to thinkfeel and act truthfully will expose somewords the words are you some mistakesare you they are not unique and they donot say anything ugly about you thesting and the discomfort will be food asyou let go of the need to deceive as yougain this self-awareness you also growin the awareness of not being yourphysical body you no longer need toproject anything other than yourpeaceful divineness to friends familyand even strangers you’ve made thetransition from phony to reel in a holyinstant you recognize your innersanctity and are willing to forgiveyourself for any and all mistakes nowview this lessons you have moved totruth the inner knowing that you nolonger have to lie or distort anythingfor the sake of the approval of othersor to elevate yourself in others eyes isthe freedom that truth brings the way Ifigure it that a Saul of Tarsus somemurdering speeds can be transformed in amoment of holy insight and become theapostle st. Paul simply by letting inthe truth and living it so can WayneDyer admit to his mistakes of the egoand live the truth and so can you asThomas Merton product we must be trueinside to ourselves before we can know atruth that is outside of us moving fromphony to real is first being true insideand then experiencing the truth ofliving it as you begin to live thesetruths you not only turn your own worldaround you also affect thetransformation of the world around youthe truth not only sets you free but itwill set the world free as well theworld’s ego cannot stand up to thecelestial light of the truth any morethan your personal ego can thedistortions that you see around you thecheating the lying stealing and killingwill begin to disappear as we reachwithin our own individual cells andtransform the ego energy here are somesuggestions for ridding yourself ofdeception and embracing truth full timemake an inner commitment to establish anew relationship with truth the way tomake this happen is to catch yourselfwhen you’re exaggerating or deceivinganyone including yourself and silentlytell yourself that you are about to puffyourself up by overstating the truthdecided to simply relate exactly whathappened no more no less andsee how that feels you will discover asyou catch yourself immediately beforethe lie that you are consulting yourhigher self which flourishes in truthinstead of giving in to ego demands tobe false you will enjoy a deeper richerexperience of life that feels refreshingcompared with a phony presentation ofyourself seeking approval be on thealert for inner dialogues that dwell onyour accomplishments rather than thepath of purpose recently I remembergiving a speech to a large group ofradio broadcasters and was very pleasedwith my performance after the lecture asI was jogging I was reliving to lectureexperience at the very moment that I wasseeing in my mind’s eye the crowdgetting to its feet and applauding Iturned a corner and smacked my elbowinto a wall so hard that it said a sharppain to my arm that lasted for severalweeks every time I felt that pain I wasreminded to get my ego out of the wayand stop focusing on myself I wasreminded of my purpose and my serviceand not to get caught up in the applause

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