Wayne Dyer: Free Yourself ( Wayne Dyer Law of Attraction )

So what we have to do is learn how totake this ego of art this part of usthat believes that who we are and whatwe have and what we do and what otherpeople think of us but remember if yougrow up believing that you are what youdo that when you don’t you find and ifyou believe that you are what you havewhen it’s goneyou aren’t and if you believe that youare what other people think of you yourreputation which we raid people tobelieve it’s my I have to be concernedwith what other people think of me takethis ego and retrain it and one of theways that you do to retrain it is firstyou take this idea that the ego has offearwhat are you afraid of anybody out therewhat are you afraid of shift from fearto curiosity become curious about whatyou’re afraid of that’s what allowed totaught me become curious about whatyou’re afraid of you’re afraid of flyingget curious about that get interested inthat you’re you’re afraid of snakesyou’re afraid of disapproval yourfriends just shift from fear and say I’mgoing to become more period about whatI’m afraid ofand then take all of the things thatyou’re attached to like all of yourphotographed with hey all of yourfurniture like all of your clothes likeall of the stuff that you find so muchattachment to and start letting it gostart letting it go you know the daythat I turned that p on made the 11th in2006 I didn’t even know where I wasgoing I just knew that the shift takingplace I felt freer than I’ve ever felt Ithink in my life have it in my midsixties out there on a whole newadventure and here we are talking abouton the national television on PDF takethat idea that you have to be attachedto things and know that you came in withnothing with no thing and you’re goingto leave with nothingwith no thing and understand that yourlife is a parenthesis in eternity livethere without attachment and then takeyour need to be in controlof yourself of others of the situationand shift from control to trust begin tohave it for love sue is profound aboutthis and each one of the 81 vs it comesup about 60 times as you look at lettinggo and letting god allowing yourself totrust in your nature allowing yourselfto no longer believe that everything hasto be controlled by me and that otherpeople no longer have to be in controlof me as well begin to trust it’s likejust like it is for the first ninemonthsyou twisted you know showed up yourheight showed hook your eyes showed upwhatever it all showed up it’s allperfect it’s all over to why not wonderthrough your life and have thiswonderful peaceful knowing that it’s allfine and finally shift from your senseof entitlement but nobody nobody cantreat me that wayI’m entitled to have this while I paidfor that I let’s go i’m back in one yearI let go of all of my entitlement i haveI don’t feel I’m entitled to anythingI’m just here shift from entitlements toradical humility allowed to speak aboutit so often stay humblestay low the greatest leaders are theones who do the least the ones who stayback and and just model and allow and atthe end of the day in one of the versesof alex says the people will say we didit ourselves we did it myself in verse49 of the doubt of Jane here’s an exactquote the phage is kind to the kind andkind to the unkind because the nature ofhis being is kindness and also be wiseand help all beings him partiallyabandoning noneyou know what I dojust before I did this program i have toadmit i was nervous I was humbled by itand who are youWayne diet who are you to read the dowand believe that you can interpret it ontelevision and interpret it in a bookand spend a year into like I got realhumble with that you know what I saythou which is just another word for Godor source or Krishna or honor orwhatever you want to call itguide me guide me now i have thatawareness before i come out of you ifyou knew says in the course of miraclesif you knew who walked beside you at alltimes on this path that you have chosenyou could never experienced fear ordoubt again I remember moderator thingto a dear friend of mine who was askingwhat could he do what could he do to todo something for herhe was the name is pat mcmahon it was onKatie our radio and phoenix and finallymoderator said to him you can dosomething for me she said tomorrowmorning get up at 4am and go out ontothe streets of Phoenix and find someonewho’s living there who believes thathe’s alone and convince them that he’snotthat’s what you can do that housetrained to talk that’s all the loud twospokeok let’s go on to the next stop thechange for your changing from nottrusting in your nature to trusting inyour nature you change your thoughtsfrom I need more to what I call livingcontentmentwhat is this thing about more if the ifthe mantra of the ego business I have tohave more i have to collect more stuff Ihave to have more friends I have to havemore moneyit’s more more more more MORE when whereyou came from came from nowhereyou don’t need anything it’s acontinuous bombardment that we are allexposed to in the whole world ofbelieving that we have to have more forthe reasons why I love Public Televisionfrom us you don’t see ads on PBSyou don’t have to be constantly exposedto the idea that you have to have moreand you have to get more and if youdon’t have this then you’re not completeand so on so we get bombarded with thisidea of attracting more and allowed tosays live contentment live in a state ofbeing contented here’s verse 81 the lastverse of the data check my favoritetranslation of it and I put it rightinto the book pages do not accumulateanything but give everything to othershaving more the more they give it’s agreat lesson my son fans whose in a bitwe’re very very close we’ve just been acouple of months together over Maorijust just being together just beingthere was a divine time he came homewith his last summer he came home with 4t-shirt that he loved and I said wellhoney I said which one do you like thebestyou still have that one over there thatblue one that’s got the writer and keptthe drawing and it’s kind of a surfer infront I said that’s great i said i’dlike to have that one should not on thatthat’s my favorite that’s the 1i that’sthe one I like the best that i know isaid that the one would you mind if Ihad that one he said I would mind a lotof chocolatehe said maybe you can have what I’m notso crazy about this one over hereI think so you’re gonna give mesomething you don’t like you know i saidi want i that’s the one I love that wehave the same tape could I have that washis dad you’re crazy he said you canhave my favorite patient i said well Iwant you to think about that I want tothink about detaching and then lettinggo and not needing to have more and heheard me talk about this stuff is entirelife so finally he just you know i wentin and i tried it on the show thatthinks sogreat looking in the mirror is ok butthat really is mine i said yeah i couldbut you’re going to give it to me andnot know I think he’ll just think aboutit you know because I I’m your dad andI’d really like to have this so hereluctantly parted with it and so thenext Ice the next that evening I wasstill wearing the shirt and he looked atme and he set outthat’s my shirt should be noticed and Isaid that you gave me the shirt i saidi’m going to wear this shirt until youare happy that I have your favorite i’mgoing to i’m never going to take it offuntil you are happy he said what you’llbe one that shirt long timewell that’s okay so I wore the next dayi got up i slept in at night I got upfrom this set up the next morning I putit on and that fans would come in and welook at nextoh you’re still not happy that you gaveme something that you really lovebecause that this is what it reallymeans to be a sage this is what it meansto be a divine being to be someone who’swilling to part with not the things theydon’t like what they do like I work thenext day I work the next day or twoweekstake it off only to watch it put itright back to solid weeks he’s one of mychildren will treasure it finally oneday he said dad I’m so happy I am sothrilled that you have that teacher Ithink that’s great i can finally takethis thing offI’m going on I’m gonna just give it awaybut it’s like what a great lesson inthat the idea that you can you take youknow there’s a rule is called the 80-20rule and in the 80-20 rule it sayseverything that you have all of yourstufftwenty percent of it is what you use allof your clothes in your closet 23 justkeep using the same point is that overeighty percent of the clothing that youhave in your in your closet for so manypeople is something that you never useyou don’t work you look at it you storeit you think well there might come a dayI can’t part with that even thoughyou’ve been carting around every timeyou move your moving and you put takethe eighty percent that you don’t usethat allowed to and give it away give itaway love to said that when your cup isfull stop pouring when your cup is fullstop pouring we have an obesity crisisin the in the united states in theWestern world the obesity crisis can behandled if you just read the dial if yourealize in verse 33 it says if yourealize you have enough you are trulyrich if you could just learn somethingcalled portion control where you justtake a bite and you say is my cup fullstop stop calling in other words insteadof filling yourself with with that whichis already a surplus and the dollarteaches us to take surpluses and toreduce them and to take deficiencies andincrease them so that we create balancein our lives to be in balanceyou can take the jewelry that you don’tuse you can take the closing it and thenonce you’ve given away the that theeighty percent that you don’t use takeone of the things that you reallyand practice giving that away it’s sucha wonderful waylisten to this poem it was written by agreat Persian poet man hafiz so evenafter all this time the Sun never saysto the earthyou owe me just look what happens with alove like that it lights up the wholesky it lights up the whole sky there’sno always there’s no owing you don’thave to meet you can practice living astate of contentment this was sopowerful for me you can just can’timagine how good itself for one entireyear to walk through every day and sayi’m content on content i start out everymorning of my lifethe first words country says if there’sonly one prayer that you say everydaymake it thank you just say thank youthat’s how it starts wake up thank youGod thank you thank you source thank youdoubt whatever you want to call theopening line of the Daleks says the datathat can be named is not about the soonas you put a name on it it dissolvedthere’s no name for it it’s justendlessly in visibly constantly in astate of creating out of state of lovethe next thought that the dial teachesus to change change your thoughts changeyour life you really do see so much ofthe previous PBS specials that I’ve doneon inspiration and intentionthese were teaching people genericallyhow to think differently what Lao Tzutaught me was what to specifically thinkin place of thinking that instead ofthinking that I don’t trust my nature hesaid frustratedinstead of saying I need more he saidyou need laughs more is left that comesright out of it out next thought movefrom thinking in a rigid wayto thinking and being flexible soft andallowing from rigidity to softness whata wonderful transformation that is ourstanding looking at with my sun sand andwe were on Maui and we were looking atwater as water was going against somerocks and cliffs and so on and in thispictures in this in this moment i saidto my sonI said which do you think is strongerthe water or the cliff the water or therock which one do you think is morepowerful and stronger and he said wellhe said the rocks obviously they’restronger and the bigger knowledge but Ishould water is very very patient isn’tit how much chance to those rocks haveif they’re what if they what they wantto surviveI mean what chance do they have thatwith and and lots who is speaking to usabout understanding our nature byexamining how nature works and thenmaking it apply to our thought so that asoft thought a thought that isn’t arigid thought I thought that doesn’t sayyou have to be this way you have to bethat way I thought that is not stiffcock that Water fee you there are somany references to water and what we canlearn from water you’re seventy-fivepercent water the planet is seventy-fivepercent water we are water the rest ofus is just muscled water it’s it’s it’sall water and water is soft water canenter anywhere you get into a conflictwith somebody else and you pictureyourself as water you can enter withwater in any place that there’s anopening if you can visualize yourself asa being who moves into the space ofwater if you can see yourself that wayyou can just enter into those places inthe people that you love in yourchildren in your spots in anyone at alland and enter their softly here’s verse8 the supreme good is waterwhich nourishes all things withouttrying to converse 78 right smack out ofthe doubtnothing in the world is softer andweaker than water but for attacking thehard the unyielding nothing can surpassitthere is nothing like it here it isI asked when I said they designed thisset is beautiful seven Thank Youdesigners for this I asked if I couldhave water on the honest hate they didit they figured it out there is abovenow i’m going to try to get some of thiswaterok so you get down here and it juststopped our just screw this up tonightokay the tighter you hold it the lesschance you have of doing anything withit isn’t it how can i experienced waterthe way to experience water is to justget saw just get us unbending and thereit is that’s what water is the minutethat glass but the metra allowed to saythe same thing is true in everything inyour life the more glass the more youtry to hold on to it the more you try tobe rigid with it the less control youhave the softer you are the less rigidyou are the more flexible you are as aperson the more you can accomplish andthis is a great way to practice inparenting as well and this idea that arigid thought how many times have youheard this idea that if I tell yousomething I’m going to stay consistentwith itwe have a set of rules these are therules and we’ll do it this way in theDallas says the more rules you make themore rule-breakers you createit’s true the more rules you have inyour house about how everything has togowe had in our house my wife would have abig jar of M&M peanuts you knowdifferently with all these differentmulticolored ones input and the kids andour house because we didn’t feed themsugar and we didn’t give them sodas andstuff like that so they you know theywere just more like a decoration everyonce in a while someone would take themand it hardly ever be replacednow when we had kids come over to ourhouse who were never allowed to havesuch horrible things you should haveseen their behavior you know they wouldscoop them up to be putting them intheir pocket and they get their pursesand they’d open it out that you know thewhole thing with the FBI says what areyou doing well will you mean you canjust have these whenever you want themlike about don’t really have any rulesabout that assistsit’s not something that we encourage ordiscourage it’s just thereit’s like Emerson had a wonderful linehe said a foolish consistency is thehobgoblin of little minds a foolishconsistency a rigid consistency so thatthere are many people who say if I sayit on Monday you can be absolutelycertain that on wednesday i’m going tobelieve the same thing regardless ofwhat might happen on Tuesday now tuesdaymight have something real that you mightwant to be changing your mind you mightwant to say you know I thought that thistime but now I’ve seen this and now wecan shift and you can see how this canbecome when and so much about thedollars on leadership leadership in thefamily leadership in the communityleadership geopolitically less rigiditymore openness more willingness to listenand say I changed my mind because afoolish consistency is the hobgoblin oflittle minds and what i believed onWednesday has changed because of whathappened on Tuesday now anotherimportant thing to say to your childrento your friendyour lover to your spouse’s to whomeverto the people you work with words thatwere so terrified to say but which giveus a sense of living with the dow Idon’t know I don’t know I look it upsay it I don’t knowdon’t you hurt again I don’t know isn’tit fearful i’ma tell me p and it’s likevery freeing because my kids called askme something out of itI don’t know if your dad you knoweverything you know everything well Idon’t know that and then i’ll look it upor we’ll try to find an answer to thatbut I don’t quite know I know that fromwhat even you know I spent 20 yearsrunning and I ran every day for 20 years22 years without missing a day 8 milenever miss the day that’s Richardalright I’m call that obsessed but youbrush your teeth every day I used to sayand you don’t call that obsessive anygood you go to the bathroom every dayand you don’t say well he’s obsessivelydoing that again today you don’t do thatyou know but anyway what I learned isthat in even in the world of exercisethere are certain things that are builtinto make us religious to make us thisto make this hard and we lift and we runand we kick and we this is what we callget working out there’s another kind ofworking out that this ancient it goesback to the time of love to and beforewhich is called yoga and yoga meansunion that means union with your sourceand when you do yogayou can stay in the same place you cando the equivalent of eight miles when Iused to run eight miles i had to run formiles that way turnaround for my faq andI’d be sweating now I can do yoga and Ican just stand in one place in 90minutes by being supple by making myselfstretch by not being hard and rigid Ican you know I can get that out there ican get that leg out i can do thesekinds of things and 90 and 90 minuteslater you know it’s like I’m totallysweating until then I feel so differenti used it when I would go out at nightto eat or something after running somany miles mymarathons and doing the things i’d go toget up and it would be okay going totake a little while back and everythingwas okay that doesn’t happen anymorebecause I’ve given up hard I’ve given upbeing rigid and substituted it for beingthoughtful for being flexible for livinga life in which i don’t have to alwaysbe Sophia’s listen to this verse of itout of chicks one of my all-timefavorite first number 76 a man is borngentle and week at his death he becomeshard and if all things including thegrass and the trees are soft and pliablein life dry and brittle in-depthstiffness is that a companion in-depthflexibility is a companion in life andit’s not just for how you exercise ishow you think how do you think

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