This Teacher Has A Stammer And Is Using It To Change His Students’ Lives

My name is A. . . A. . . A. . . because I can t say
my first name. My name is Mr Ahmed. Don t worry about what people think about
your stammer because the second that you startto think about people your stammer might tend
to become a bit more worse. This is the stammer support group. The main reason why I made this support group,
is so that those pupils don t have to go throughthe same things that I went through. There were so many times where I just refused
to put my hands up or take part in my lessonsbecause I was just scared of what people would
say about my stammer, in fact there was alot of people that did bully me. Can we make a circle?These sessions are supporting me and erm and
they improve my speaking. Don t forget if you feel nervous you can put
your hands at the back or you can put yourhands at the front, as long as you speak very
loudly. We think Mr Ahmed is a great teacher. The good thing about this group is that if
someone laughs, laughs that then we can laughback at them, cos they have a stammer too. It s true. So they see me struggling and I
see them struggling and it s fine. You need to accept your stammer because I
think that s the best way forward. I would prefer them to stammer with confidence,
you know, just being confortable in your,comfortable in your own skin. I want to start by saying good morning year
7. Good morning Mr Ahmed. Now they will be speaking about their own
stammer. So can we try and support them asmuch as possible?Stammering varies it can happen anywhere,
anytime and any place. When I talk I can t say words that start with
an a. Never finish our sentences off for us. Treat
us the same way as people that don t stammer. My name is Umar and this is my voice. In about ten years time, like they may look
back and say that was the assembly that reallymade me feel confident about myself that’s
really powerful. It doesn t matter if you stammer you can still
go on and become whatever you want to be.

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