This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory

Pain is a good thing physically because that is yourpreservationself-preservation mechanismBut suffering is something that you do in your mindSo pain that happens in your bodyyou take it in your mind and multiply it a thousand times or a million times depending on how capable you are andSuffer it a million times overright nowMost human beings are like this what happened ten years ago. They can still sufferWhat may happen day after tomorrow they already suffer?They are not suffering life they think they are suffering like they are not suffering life they are suffering the two mostFantastic faculties that human beings alone have a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imaginationThanks for tuning in to this episode of impact theory sponsored by our friends at Skillshare enjoy the episodeEverybody welcome to impact theoryToday’s guest is a mystic and New York Times bestselling author who has built one of the largest nonprofitorganizations in the worldnamed one of the 50 most influential people in all of India not bad considering the country has1. 3 billion peopleHe has been invited to speak at some of the most prestigious international conferences on the planet including the worldpeace summit the United Nations and the World Economic ForumHis mission is to raise every human being to the peak of their potential and to that aim. He established the Isha FoundationWhich with headquarters in both India and the US has implemented several large-scale human?Service projects designed to uplift rural areas help with education reform and environmental stewardship as well as holistic and healthy livingHe’s also written severalProfoundly transformational books including inner engineering a Yogi’s guide to joy and Adi yogi the source of yogasoPlease help me in welcoming the contemporary spiritual leader with millions of global followersthe man who has cracked irreverent jokes everywhere from MIT to Google on things both mystical and highly practical theUncompromising said guruWelcome I am beyond excited to have you on the showGoing and looking at yourWhat you’re trying to accomplish in the world?is very much in line with what we’re trying to do in terms of human potential which I think is super exciting, but we definitelyWe go about it in very different ways and reading your bookI was reallyimpacted and soGetting to dive deeper into this I think is gonna be a lot of fun and I think the first place to startwalk me through what you mean byPotential like what? What do you think is human potential?So yeah every ChristianFrom a worm insect bird plant tree everybodyAll of them are trying to be full-fledged livesIf one seesWhat’s happening beneath earth in terms of the root systems?It is an enormous effortfor a plant or a tree to become afull-fledged treeWell an apple tree is not trying to be an oak treebut an apple tree wants to be a full-fledged apple tree thatEffort is on in every lifeSo is it in human beings?But the problem with Humanity is just thisThat for every other creatureNature has drawn two linesWithin these two lines they live and dieSo their idea of full-fledge is hitting the ceiling of their lifeBut if a human being hits a ceiling he gets frustrated and miserableBecauseNature this process of evolution has delivered to us to a place where there is only the bottom lineThere is no top line though. Some human beings are trying to breach the bottom line and go belowThat what else is going onso essentially what human life is isWhen life was in the other forms of life that you see on the planetNature determined a certain compulsive instinctive ways of functioning once you become humanThese lines have been removedYou can act consciouslyThat means what you call as human potential is not of any kind of measurable limitIt can go as far as you desire or us as far as you have the courage to walkSo when we say human potential unleashing human potentialIt is not about reaching the peakIt is a trajectoryBecause what our life isIs a combination of a certain amount of time and energy?Time is rolling away for all of us at the same paceIf you sit it rolls away if you sleep it rolls awayIf you do something it goes away. If you don’t do anything, it goes away. You’re happier miserable it goes awayTime is running out for all of usso it’s only the energy that you cando different things with if you bring your energies to a certain level of intensity andpossibilityWhat somebody does in 10 years, you may do it in one year this means if you live here400 years it feels like in people’s in impact that you’re created. It feels like you lived here for a thousand yearsSimply because you have managed your life energies in a certain waySo for me a human being being impactful meansHow conscious have you become this is very important because if you’re in compulsive cyclesthen your energy gets wasted in so many things if you absorb peopleIn a day, let’s say let’s take 24 hours in that. Anyway, most people buy prescription in America. They sleep for eight hoursSo eight hours means one-third of life is gone in the remaining two-thirds they have to eat they have to you know showerBathroom this that all this another two three hours goneSo literally 50% of life is gone daily basis just for basic maintenance of this life50% of the time is gone and maintenanceRemaining 50% what they haveIf you look at every single move that they may make with their body their thought process their emotionsYou will see a whole lot of it is happening in compulsive cyclesOr in other words if you a little sensitive to life, you will realize you are the biggest issue in your lifeSo this is one thing that I’m trying to do with people that you are never the issue in your lifeI am NOT the issue my thought my emotion my body is never the issueMy thought my emotion my energy and my body are my instruments. It’s a functionThey are not impediments in my lifeBut I would say for 90% of the human beings their own bodyThen the compulsions of the body the compulsions of their thought the compulsions of their emotions are ruling them most of the timeSo when you yourself for a problem?Well, you’re on self-helpSo, how do you begin to break out of that like if we’re all stuck in these compulsive patternsHow do you gain the consciousness that you’re talking about and begin to I don’t know if the words go beyond elevateLike how do you stop being in that endless cycle?Everybody wants a solution, but nobody wants to delve into the problem and see what is the nature of the problem that we haveThe nature of the problem is like thisWhy are we compulsive? What is it? That’s compulsive about usCompulsion means we are going to the same place again. And again, that means we’re going in circlesThe nature of physical existence in the universe is such whether you take an atom an individual atom or the cosmic spaceEverything that’s physical is always in cyclical momentThe atoms are doing their circles. The solar system is doing his stuff. The galaxies are doing their stuffOur own bodies are going through cycles. In fact, we are born because of the cycles in our mother’s bodiesThat’s why we are bornSo entire physical nature is born out of cyclical moment. That means compulsiveness. So do not misunderstandCompulsiveness as something bad. It’s the basis of your existenceIt is a good platformBut you’re supposed to stand on the platform and actRight. Now you have become the platform. So somebody else will dance on youInteresting. That’s so my thing and part of what drives me is gettingGetting efficient at achieving your goalWhich I’m sure is less their goal for you. So for me, I I am interested inactuallyexecuting on my potential soTransferring my ability to do something into the actual thingSo the easy example I give people is what does what does impact mean for you leaving a footprint?Not quite so I have a very specific kind of impact that I’m trying to have which is to help peopleActuate their potential so I think that a lot of peopleThey are capable of extraordinary things and I think that to your point about joyI think one of the things that’s absolutely foundational to joy is growthAnd so getting people on a path where they believe it that way. That’sFoundational to joy joy is foundational to growth, isn’t it?Probably yes, but I don’t have an insight as to what came firstWhich is exactly why you’re here. No, no, there is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show thatOnly when you’re in a pleasant state of experience your body and your brain works at its best there’s no argument about themThere’s enough evidence to show thatSo whatever impact or success or reaching goals or growth or whatever you say onOne level in the physical world. It’s about how well you harness your physiological and your psychological process, isn’t it?Whether your body and mind works against you or works for you. This is a big differenceSo there is enough evidence to show only when you’re in pleasant levels of experience this happens bestSo obviously joy is firstthen growth if you’re joyful constantly and you have no fear of suffering becauseyou understand all human experience comes from within you andSo you have managed to create the kind of experience that you want now growth is possible and riddledIf you have the fear of falling down and suffering, you will not go very high, isn’t it?So, how do you work through that? How do you help people on that path?Many ways to look at it. One of the simplest ways to see it is all human experience has a chemical basis to itRight now let us say your joyfulIf you look at your chemistry, it’ll be in a certain wayLet’s say your miserable. If you check your chemistry, it’ll be a completely different waynow we have a technology thatWith which you create a chemistry of blissfulnessSo my chemistry is blissful doesn’t matter what’s happeningThe drama around me is happening in so many different ways butThis is a privilege that I have kept for myselfMe being joyful or miserableme being peaceful ordisturbedThese privileges have not given it to anybody else. I kept them to myselfI think every human being should do that that the privileges of the nature of your experience must be in your handbecause when you try to act in the worldThere are many many forcesAll of them will not always cooperateSometimes they cooperate many timesThey will not cooperate many times. They’ll turn against you. This is the nature of the world. That’s how it should beWorld will never happen hundred percent your way. And I’m glad it is so because if it all happened your way, where do I go?I’m glad it’s not happening your way little bit my way little bit your way a little bit. Somebody else’s wayThat’s how the world should be. It’s very interestingIs there a way to avoid?Falling into those traps. Like I know that you’ve taken someVerydifferent approaches at least fromAmerican set of eyes to raising your daughter and not wanting her not wanting to put a lot of teachings on herisThat to avoid dogma. Is it to avoid closing doors?because you think you know something like how do we if we were gonna have kids and raise them in a way thatStopped them from falling into some of these traps. What would we do?How many parents were thereAnd encourage their children not to be identified with parentsNot to be identified with a religion that they followNot to be identified with their racial and national and other prejudices that they hopeThe all thing the things are sacred, isn’t it? YesThese are the things which destroy human potentialwhether you want to turn a human beingsee I see this term when itReally hurts me when people say it’s very common only in America. I hear this I was raised asWhatever Catholic or Baptist or a Christian or Muslim or whatever else I was raisedSee, you must raise only cattle and sheepYou don’t raise human beings. You have to cultivate a human beingyou have to give space and give support of love and support so that a human being grows becauseEvery human being is capable of a unique possibilityRaising means what a flock is what you race you don’t raise an individual, isn’t it? That’s very interestingsofor thisWe need to come to a certain level of maturity within ourselvesThe most fundamental thing is our children need not look like us do not think like us need not act like usNeed not be as in any way a child is not a legacyIt’s a life andIt is an individual lifeIt has to be what it has to bewellif I do not influence right now the fear is if I do not influence somebody on the street will influence the child on theSocial media, they will influence the child. So toto cultivate a child so thatThey knowThat the intrinsic intelligence and being human is more important than being influenced by this or that it doesn’t matter what it isWhether it’s parentage, or it’s a priest or it’s a guru or it’s a pundit. It doesn’t matter whoInfluence is not important. What is important is the intrinsic intelligence finding its full potential?And do you think is we grow up in a modern context that?We canavoid adopting thoseBeliefs you talked one time. I thought this is so interesting about how every time you get a beliefIt’s like a conclusion and every conclusion is a death unto itself and it’s like shutting a door on something. Yes other waysSee you just seeYou look at your own picture when you were 5 years of age. It’s like thisSlowly it’s becoming like this. What is it you’re dying in installmentsThe more conclusions you make the less alive you become this all that’s happened to people they call this knowledgeThis is not knowledge. This is just conclusions that you’re drawing about everythingSee with all this scientificExploration the fact is that even today we do not know one single atom in its entiretyWe know how to use themwe know how to use everything on this planet, but we don’t know what damn thing about anything over 90% or99% of an atom is empty. We don’t know what that emptinesscontainsOver 99% of the cosmos is empty. We don’t know what that isSo this is like I give you a million piece. JigsawBut you found in your hands you have only three of themWith these three you make a picture and you’re euphoric that you made a pictureWell, I’m sorryThere are million pieces to thisHas anybody gather all the pieces now, then don’t make a picture?You’ve talked about the only way to really make change is to turn inwardAs we look inward turn inward go inwardWhat are we?Are we working on awareness consciousness?like what is theSee right now, what are the instruments of your experience?You know, you’re here only because you can see hear smellTaste and touch. This is the only way you know that you’re here right nowSuppose you doze off don’t okay suppose you doze offYou don’t know that you’re here, isn’t it? YesEven though you’re here your heart is beating everything is functioningThe world is on we are all hereBut you won’t know that you’re here nor will you know that I’m here or anybody else is here, isn’t it?Yes, all that’s happened is life is on full on even within you only thing is these fiveSensory organs have shut downSo your entire experience of life right now is happening because you can see hear smell taste and touchJust look at the nature of the sensory organs in the very nature their outward bound, isn’t it?Can you roll your eyeballs inward and scan yourself now?There is a shall I give you a bad example, sirYour our nose is located now right above our mouth suppose you don’t brush your teeth for three daysThough this nose is right here it won’t tell you you have not brushed your teethThe whole room will know you have not brushed your teeth, but you will not know this is the human predicamentIt’s very easy to see what’s wrong with this guy what’s wrong with her what’s wrong with herIt’s very it takes a lot of observation to see what’s wrong with thisthat level of keenness of observation is missing in most people they need to cultivate that andSo it’s tempting to when reading your book and hearing your story. It’s tempting toSay oh this is how he cultivated that whether it’s sitting in the tree that was swaying and then doing swaying meditationIs that actually how you cultivated it or is there something else because somebody watching right now?they they want to be able to begin to access this andIf it’s a simple letting go of belief and Dogma or if it’s awareness of thisBelief, and Dogma is not simple. MmmIt’s not simple people are who they are only because of what they believe and what they have a hell like thatBecause without this they don’t know where they belongTo live here without belonging to anything but still involved with everythingTakes a lotMost people belong but they’re not involvedIt is like belonging is like an insurance policy. It’s simply theirinvolvement takes youTo be constantly involved with people around you. It takes you to be conscious and onbut I belong to you IDon’t have to do anything. I have professed already. I belong to you. I’m married to you. I belong to youLegally it is settledSo I don’t have to be conscious of you nor do I have to be involved with you still I belong to youso belonging meansbelongingbelieving orIdentifying simply means you have found a way to sleep through your life. It’s called sleepwhen we say, you know people usually use this term withAnimals, if you said we put our cat to sleepWhat does it mean to you?For real that they killed their hair. YesSo I’m talking about sleep in that context. IBelieve this I belong to this. I’m identified with this means it’s sleepThat means you’re partially dead you made conclusions which takes away the life that bubbles within youthis is why people are walking around likeThey’re dying in installmentsYeah, so the notion ofnot knowing the notion of responsibility are two things that areReally powerful and can I just connect the two agent? YeahNot knowing is not a notion it’s a fact okayIt’s not a notion. You really do not know damn thing about this existence, isn’t it? YesWe don’t even know a blade of grass in its entirety. We do not know a single item in its entiretyWe do not know a single cell in this body in its complete context. We do notWe know some things we can manipulate a few things, but we don’t know much about it. SoIt’s like this, let’s say we turn off all the lightsIf the lights are on you can whistle and just walk around wherever you want in this buildingWe’ll turn off all the lights and make it pitch dark where you can’t even see your own hand like thatNow every step that you take will you take it in but most alertness?Will you be fully awake or asleep?For your wake only awake why because you don’t know where the next stepJust to live like this if you simply live like thisNaturally you are on the highway to enlightenmentEverybody assume and believe because it’s comfortableTo simply believe something the very word belief means thisThat I have concrete concrete iced assumptions of which I know nothing aboutIsn’t it? Mm-hmm?Isn’t it so yeahEither, you know, or you do not know where does the belief come from?When you pretend what you do not know as I knowThat’s beliefBut you can’t believe something all by yourselfSo you need a hundred people around you? That’s why always believers are in groupsSeekers are aloneTalk to me about a seeker. What what is the seeker? Is that something useful to cultivate?You don’t have to cultivate this. This is intrinsic to human intelligence if you do not bullshit yourselfWith all kinds of things that you do not know as you knowIts intrinsic to human intelligence to seekIsn’t it? Yes, you don’t have to teach seeking you have to teach belief systemsYou don’t have to teach seeking if you don’t teach anythingEverybody is a seeker. It is the nature of human intelligence. It naturally seeksBut people want to seek with the comfort of beliefThey want to be in the belief system and then seekthis is like tying your boat to the pier and thenRowing hard, it’s good. It’s not bad because it gives you good exercise. It’s like being on the treadmillMost people are on the treadmill because they are not walking or running to go somewhereThey just trying to turn their muscles. It’s perfectly fine. SoIf that’s all you wish to do, it’s fineBut if you want to go somewhere you can’t tie your boat and then row, isn’t it?If you just let it go even if you don’t row it will goWhat do you tell people about responsibilityIt’s just your ability to respond. You have to make up your mind. Do you want to retain your ability to respond to?every situation that may arise or may not arise in your life orDo you want to surrender your ability to respond? This is something everybody should make up their mind ondo you havePractices to keep yourself so open and so joyfullifeThat’s what elseLife is an opennessDeath is closing, isn’t it?That is a closureLife is a possibility if you’re just alive everything is openTell me can you be alive suppose you don’t like me?So you don’t want to inhale what I exhaleStop breathing and exist for some time. Let me see possible. Yes without breathing for a little whileHow is little how much is little for you to hold my breath yeah, I don’t know 30 second second ten minutesDefinite eminence. So I’m saying if you don’t like me your dislike will not go away in 30 seconds, isn’t it?Yeah, for sure suppose. I hate you. I don’t want to breathe. Inhale what you exhale? Hmm. IWill die within myself, isn’t it? YesThis all people are doing to themselves. I like this guy. I don’t like that guyThis is somebody I allow that somebody I hate this is belongs to me. This doesn’t belong to meThey just killing themselves step by stepThey are planning to die in inchIf you want to live here you areYou must make up your mind whether you want to live or you want to dieYou want to know the certainty of death in life?This is called belief. This is called belonging. This is called identificationBecause you are trying to find the certainty of death in the seamless process of lifeIt’s very interestingWhen you I mean you spend a lot of timeSpeaking. What do you hope people take away? Is there one core thing that you really want people to be touched by?Fundamentally if people understand that the source of human experience is within youJoy are misery agony or ecstasypleasure or painEverything comes from within you if you understand this muchif I understandSuppose right now. I think I’m miserable because of you. Hmm. There’s no solution for my life, isn’t it?Because all you have to do is walk in front of my home. I will become miserableSo simple it is you don’t have to kill me you just have to walk around in front of meI will die within myself every dayIf I understand the source of my joy and misery within meThen you know, what’s the obvious choice?JoyObvious choice, isn’t it?So this one fundamental thing has to get across to all the human beings on this planetYour experience is entirely determined by youThis is what the word karma means. Unfortunately. It’s become something else herekarma means actionthat meansWhen we say your life is your karma. We are saying your life is entirely your making 100%What happens in the world? There are many many forces involved what happens within me. It’s 100 percent me100 percent, isn’t it? Yes if you don’t take charge of thisThen you’re an accidental life when you’re an accidental life anxiety is very naturalNaturalistic hmm suppose you are drivingaccidentallyThat is you don’t know what’s happening and you simply somehow going anxiety is natural or no? YesAny accidental moment creates anxiety?So this is why consciousness means this that you have taken charge of the instruments of lifeWhich on most fundamental level is our physiological and psychological space you have taken charge of this?Now your health your happiness your joy your ecstasy your misery. Everything is in your hands youExercise them as you wantGoing back to what you said about focus in your book you talk about somethingI thought was so interesting to set the faucet to a certain drip rate and do nothing butFocus on the dripping of the faucet for like seven minutes or somethingWhat idea is to pay attention to something which has no relevance to you?say people haveHave divided the universe. This is important. This is not important. This person is important for meThis person is not important to me. This is important for me. That’s not important for meYou divided the universe you will never know anything this wayindiscriminate focusIndiscriminate attention. I’m not attending to you because you are somebody with a cobra in your heart. All rightIt doesn’t matter who I speak to who I am with and the same wayindiscriminateOnly when your attention and involvement is indiscriminateDoes the universe open up to you?You have discriminatedNaturally you close, you know people come to me and say Sadhguru. I want to walk the spiritual path. ISay, okayBe here for three daysLet’s see what we can say no such group day after tomorrow. My uncle’s daughter’s birthday. I have to gooh you want to get enlightened andDay after tomorrow uncle’s daughter’s birthday also. All right, we got one and a half daysYou do one thing you do this this and this as a circle, but I don’t like thisAll right, I give them a small piece of paperAnd say okay write down things that you like we’ll do only don’t do thatYou won’t believe it in this entire universe. Most people like only three or four thingsWhen you’re so constipated in your headThat you like only three or four people are three or four things in your lifeHow do you want to open up to the existence?Because life is happening because of its opennessThis is a fundamental difference between death and life isPeople are thinking is just breathAll right on one level that is also openness whether you allow this to happen or you don’t allow it to happenWhether you did it consciously or unconsciously, but it’s happeningIsn’t it openness is on every subatomic particle is in communication with everything?That’s why this is going on breath is happening so much is happening in connection with everything. It is only in opennessYou’re alive as youClose doors you are dying in installmentsDying in installments is tortureseeLife is fantastic. If you’re alive and fully alive, if you’re dead, it’s good. At least the neighbors may think soThis may sound verynot so compassionate, but I’m sayingEverybody dies you and me will die. All rightif you dead it’s the game is over, but if you’re half dead, ohThis is endless torture to yourself when you are being tortured, of course, you’ll share it with everybody elseTalk to me about your motorcycle accident and having to have your calf served back together, which is without anesthesiaHow’s that possible? Not that young anymore?Today I wouldBut the notion of the difference between pain and suffering I thought was very usefulThe pain is physiological its death. It was no pain. Most people would not even know how to protect themselvesSee just because there’s no pain in the sea. What all you’ve done to itHmm see there’s no pain in this so that’s why you took it off if there’s no pain in your noseMaybe you would have taken it offBecause they’re many advantages you will take in about 22% extra oxygen if you just remove this one thing contraptionWherever there is no pain people are messing with it like crazy, isn’t it? They call this hairstyle they call it so many thingssuppose there was no pain in the entire body in Los Angeles people would pull out their stomach bag andYou think they wouldn’t do it not the father oneOnly pain is helping them to preserve themselves. Isn’t it? The pain is good. There’s no physiological painMost people would not know I here in the United States. There’s one group they call themselves something. I forget that wordThey’re actually cutting their fingers off their hands off on the videoWell, they’re posting it onlineThere’s a group like that. Whoa. Can you imagine now in spite of so much pain if there is no pain?Almost everybody would have cut themselves off in so in the name of fashion, they would have cut themselves into ribbonsso pain is a good thing physically because that is yourpreservation self preservation mechanismBut suffering is something that you do in your mindSo pain that happens in your bodyYou take it in your mind and multiply it a thousand times or a million times depending on how capable you areor how stupid you are andSuffer it a million times overright nowMost human beings are like this what happened ten years ago. They can still sufferWhat may happen day after tomorrow they already suffer?They are not suffering life they think they are suffering life they are not suffering life they are suffering the two mostFantastic faculties that human beings alone have a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imaginationwhy do you think that depression andAnxiety suicide are so rampant right nowSee one thing isThe survival process has become easier than ever beforeBelieve me in the morning if you need a bucket full of waterIf you had to walk a mile to the river to get one bucket of waterAnd your family needed 25 buckets of waterYou would have no time to mess yourselfNow you have a lot of time to mess yourself because our survival is better organized than ever beforeAnother thing is most human beings do not know how to manage their biochemistryWithout physical activity. I have seen a whole lot of people particularlyTeenage boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 16 who come to me with some severeViolent problems within themselves if you leave them like that. They may kill themselves or kill somebody else that in that kind of statemany of them have even killed their parents, you know, it just happened all over the world andIn 2017 when I came to know that in IndiaWhich is not so much suicidal in that sense because there’s a huge family support and stuff like that in spite of thatIn 2017 eighteen thousand six hundred children below 18 years of age committed suicideout of which7,200 are below 15 years of ageSo 12 13 14 year-oldsWho must be bubbling with life or?Wanting to take their own lives why?Obviously, we’re doing something fundamentally wrong with the society, isn’t it?Yes, our goals and our stupid ideas of what is success is driving them nutsBecause we are trying to use our children like racehorses that’s interesting andwhen you say that is something to that represent us that we’ve turned into something amazing orIn what way are they like racehorses when you understand as a race?If you’re in a race what subjective you must reach the finish line quick, isn’t it?Yes, what is the finish line of your life death?There you have it. This may not be a conscious process. But life with the new is understanding it like thatWhen you see you must understand this whether you are conscious it of a conscious of it or not any human being?Right now if you make yourself miserableYou must understand you are sending a message to every cell in the body that I don’t want to liveYou might not have articulated it in your head yetBut when you become miserableYou notice suddenly your body seems heavy and it’s like doesn’t want to get up from this chairHave you seen this? Yes when you’re happy, you’re willing to bounce it everything and do everything bend backwards if necessaryWhy this is happening is the message has gone to every cell in the body. This guy wants to dieThey’re all thinking, okay, what can we do to help him but by then, of course you’ll recoverSo you want to die you want to live you want to die you want to live?The body is getting confusedBecause you must understand this is a very intelligent body. It’s taking instructions from youEvery cell in the body has an enormous sense of memory and intelligenceIf you keep sending wrong messages if they act you didBecause you’re sending contradictory messages. You are not dead. You’re half deadYou can give it any number of exotic names essentially you have turned your intelligence against yourselfThis is supposed to work for you, but now you’ve turned it against yourself it’s working against youYeah, I know I’m putting words in your mouth which is very dangerousbut the whole notion of being happyI feel like you really address how to live fully in your bookinner engineering which I was just really really impacted by if you had toDefine what inner engineering is exactly how would you say it?Say do you agree with me that our lives today as a generation of people?Has become far morecomfortable and far more convenientsimply because of our understanding of science andourExploitation of that knowledge as technology. Yes. HmmWe are the most comfortable generation ever in the history of humanity. No question about itIsn’t it? Yes, we are super empowered because of the science and technology as it is a science and technologyFor our external well-being there is a whole science and technology for inner well-beingUnfortunately most cultures have ignored this andthinking that if we make all the external arrangements wellEverything will be okayThe United States of America is a huge statement that this is not how it worksThe most affluent country on the planet70% of the population are supposed to be on prescription medication. Yeah WowWhat’s the best way for people to interact with you?They don’t have to interact with me because learn from me maybeBecauseWe can talk if inspiration is what you need encouragement was what you need. I’m willing to talkBut talks will not bring solutionsThey will bring some claritySolution will come only when you take a proper inward step. That’s what inner engineering process isWe are doing everything possible to deliver it in as simple and as practical measures as it can be doneThere was a time it was thought in such a complex wayToday we have simplified it broken into five different piecesOffering it as five layers of program so that people can experience it in small doses and slowly step by stepThey can go I am seeing as you come into more and more affluent societies their steps are far more, babesteps than other people soWe’ve broken it into many steps so that small stepsYou can take one by one and your website is the best place for that. Yes. Okay. It’s a good place to go. PerfectYessir dot said guru dot org, that’s what it’s called. Okay, and we’ll link to that as well. Our organization is 100% volunteer organizationSo we’re not professional in our approach and I’m very proud of that because I am NOT interestedIn how much somebody is doing? I am very interested in how they’re doing it because that’s what changes the quality of who we areBecause the content of our life will not change our life it is the context of our life which changes our lifeThat’s interesting. Very interesting because you content you have changed and you see people are not happyContent of our life isPhenomenally enhanced compared to how our grandparents lived here. Isn’t it? Even in this country? YesDefinitely, how can people change their context?That’s what engineering is about if your contact shifts from your psychological and physiologicalprocess to the life process that you areEverything has changedBecause we must understand this as we sit here this is my body that’s your body. This is my mind that’s your mindBut there’s no such thing as this is my life. And that’s your life if this is a living cosmosEverybody is free to capture as much as they want if you capturesubstantial amount of lifeYour very presence will become a significant lifeOtherwise, you will become a mediocre life. This is the important thing. It’s not the knowledge you gather in your headIt’s not the muscle that you gather in your body. It’s the lifeHow much of a life for you?This will make you significant in your very presence if world gives us an opportunityWe will do something impactful. Otherwise, we’re just a significant presence ahuge oak tree standing outsideIt is not trying to create an impact. It is just impactful if you go under its shade you feel itOtherwise also it’s impactfulMost people notice it only when it’s goneWhat is the impact that you want to have on the worldWhen I was twenty-five years of age when suddenly things burst forth within me and I realized if I sit herewithout messing myselfNaturally, I’m bursting with ecstasy and every cell in my body drips ecstasy. IThought initially I’m going off my rockerThen again and again when I saw over a period of six to eight weeksWhen I saw if I just close my eyes, I just burst into ecstatic statesSo I clearly realizedIf I don’t mess with my physiological and psychological processecstasy is the only way to beNothing to be done. You don’t have to do anything when I realized this. ISat down and actually planned on that day. The world’s population was 5. 6 billion people. IMade a plan in two and a half years time that I will make the world ecstaticNo fool like a young fool, you knowNowIt’s been 37 yearsNot two and a half yearsWell, people say we have touched over 500 million people or soDon’t say whoa. You don’t walk my failuresYeah, I guess this was my idea of humanity seven point six billion people500 million peopleTime going away. I’mCondemned to die a failure, but I’m a blissful failure. All right, soWhat we need is just this do you want to live in aBeautiful world means what?beautiful does not mean just a beautiful view of the ocean orsomething elsebeautiful meansHuman life here is pleasantWithin every human being the question is not about what I wear what I Drive where I live, but how I am within myselfSee what we can do in the world is a question of times in which time of history we exist accordingly we do thingsIf we were here hundred years ago, we wouldn’t be recording all this stuff. All right, we would be doing something differentBut human experience is constantWhichever generation you are you can either be blissed-out or miseryalways forever it has been so and it will be so soWhat we can do in the world is subject to many realities of the timesBut how we can be within ourselves is always a possibilitySo what is always a possibility must be manifested whether you will run faster than mrBolt or not whether you will climb Mount Everest or not. This is not the pointthose things are subject to individual tastes and individual likes and dislikes butWill your experience of life on this planet be pleasant or not? At least this one thing?We must determine that every human beings experience of life on this planet is pleasant that much we must do and it’s doableThat is incredibleSokurah thank you so much for being on the show. That was absolutely incredible. Thank you for your timeGuys, I can’t recommend his book highly enough. Check it out inner engineeringIt’s phenomenal if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be legendary. Take careThank you again so much. Wow, that was reallyWhat’s up impactive?as’ if you want to acquire new skills or improve the ones you already have then you’re going toLove this as you knowa huge part of my life is about acquiring skills that haveutility and exist in service of something greater than myself and that is why IHighly recommend Skillshare Skillshare is an online learning community with over25,000 classes across more skills than you can imagine at impact TheoryWe view skills share for things like project managementmarketing analytics and even for our comic book and todaySkill share is giving the first 500 people who click on the link in the description to three months to their entireLibrary of courses that’s 60 days access to literally thousands of courses on whatever topics you choose forNo money at allYou just have to click on the link in the description below and join the classes that work for you and you will be invery good company as one of the seven million people on Skillshare andShould you decide to stick around beyond your free trial an annual subscription to skill share is less than ten dollars a monthThat’s nothing for a skill that can very well change your lifeSo go ahead and click on the link in the description below to startAcquiring those skills today and until next time my friends be legendary. Take careLook at yourself in 10 15 20 years time and ask yourself the questionIs that where I want to be and if the answer is noThen you need to find a new pub to just get to understand yourselfYou don’t know what you need in your life until you figure out who you are

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