The Best Yoga Remedies for Knee Pain by Dr Hansaji Yogendra

Namaskar knee pain is very, very common.
It could be physical injury, inflammationor basically arthritic condition. As we grow
our body gets into an arthritic condition,more wear and tear and more problems but were
Intel don’t cause the problem. The problem is because of stress and tension.
Parent here is a common management, if itgives you pain, then somewhere some other
reason is there. Maybe we it very often give injury here and
there while rushing and walking here and there. Or there is some inflammation because of many
other reason, water retention in body or otherorgans not functioning so well or generally
weight which is creating more problems. Pain could be mild.
Pain could be moderate and with both thesethings it can be easily managed at home with
your own self, with your own effort. So hereare two remedies to overcome the pain.
First, Asana to release the knee pain, youneed to strengthen your leg bustles to reduce
the pressure on your knee and following anwe’ll do exactly this to reduce the face.
First among the atom is has the pub AngusAsan.
It could be done with one leg, both the legsand with different sides also so you can call
it that has for the gustan twist variation. When you are lifting your right leg going
to the other side. Other Assens could be jestasin thalasson and
Hasan thalasson. When you do to reduce kneepad, you are supposed
to keep both the feet firm on the ground,not raise on the toe and do the thalasson.
That would be beautiful. Haasen is a relaxing posture and there is
a rule in yoga that whenever you get any painin any point that point should be relaxed
well for relaxation for two days and thenextending of everything pain.
Maybe the pain will not be there. But first relaxation for two days.
And when you are relaxing, try to see thatyou give little warmth through that area to
see that you use hot water bag in that areaor you sit in Sun keeping your back in the
Sun. All that would help in relaxing and then you
can start strengthening your Musk. One must also know the kind of Arsenal which
you should avoid completely. Avoid all thearsenals which involve bending of your knee.
When you bend your knee, you are giving strainand stress to your body.
And so avoid these arsenals totally. Here are those Arsenal than Vasastan as as
could be done if paid is little mild and doit for two minutes.
Not more than that. Areas can be done by holding I instead of
D and it could be done nicely. Second point postural correction, How you
carry yourself, how you carry a posture wholeday definitely plays a very great significance
in this problem of me. So here understand, do not sit for long with
knee bent. When you are sitting on chair, your knees
are bent and so try and keep your legs up,elevate your legs, put them straight in front
of you little be above your hip level, andthat would help not melting your knee.
Make sure that you are not sitting for long. You are walking every half an hour a little
bit clear and there, and then sitting anddoing the work.
Most important is whether you are traveling,say example, in train or in car.
Understand that you keep your feet in sucha position that you don’t waver.
Don’t give weight on one leg. Both legs should have equal weight of your
body. And when you are sitting in the car, just
see that instead of hanging your leg down,hold the other leg, which has no pain up so
that you can sit more at the level of eyethan on your back.
And this is how you will help your knee. Preferably used Western toilet rather than
Indian toilet. Even in Western toilet.
When the seat is low, that will cause morepain.
So seat has to be little at it. An additional seat has to be put on a Western
toilet so that you can sit easily and getup easily whenever you have to stand. See
to it that your position is proper. Both legs have to be away.
Preferably stand with two feet away. Both the foot should be away from each other
and really two feet away. Then standing would be better at just your
leg in such a way that your body’s weigthis equal on both the legs.
That a position will not hurt your knee. Otherwise it is going to hurt her points.
But the pain is there. What is required is hot pack as well as call
back. When you use hot water bag on your joint,
give warmth to your body, then it relaxesthe muscles at the lubricant increases the
lubrication between two joints improves andthat helps in releasing the pain.
So we should use hot water Bank or hot padanything to improve the circulation in that
region. Cold package always reduces the inflammation
and swelling. So there is a very strong rule that whenever
you injure your joints after injury, immediatelyuse cold pack, not hot water back. Use cold
pack because any arteries if they are butthey would clog and the swelling would reduce.
But after one day after 24 hours, then startusing our quarterback.
Above all, all these are the theories, butabove all, your body itself will tell you
what suits your body later on with cold pack. Understand that don’t apply ice directly.
It would be a shock for your skin and everything. Apply pack and that would be beautiful.
Fourth point for knee pain, you should loseyour weight.
Whatever weight you have, you may be thinand skinny also, but reduce a little bit more
weight to help your pain. When person has excess body weight, then that
gives a very, very heavy load on your knee. Nothing else is going to help you.
You have to work on your weight. So have thattype of a lifestyle, that type of a diet to
see to it that slowly, slowly, slowly youare reducing your weight, not suddenly it’s
going to create a problem in other organsof our body. To reduce weight. Person must
do walking, person must do exercise and personmust be very much aware about the diet.
See to it that whatever you eat, you eat onlylittle to sustain, not to fill your stomach.
Eat only when you are hungry and eat littleto satiate your hunger, not to fill your stomach.
So if you eat four times in a day little littlefood and eat between twice fruits and be very
strict with your hunger and the quantity offood, then you will definitely reduce your
weight. Success will go and your health will improve.
Some dietary remedies are here. One must consume sufficient amount of fruits
and vegetables as they contain antioxidantand anti-inflammatory compounds. All this
is going to reduce the inflammation and sothe pain berries, Apple, peanuts, grapes and
pomegranate should be there in your dailymeal.
All these helps in fighting arthritis. Totallyavoid non vegetarian food. Again, avoid sugary
and salty food. Avoid processed foods. Thesereadily packets where preservatives are both
artificially colored flavoured things arethere.
All these things are going to increase yourarthritic condition. Add more whole grain
e to your diet. For example, replace Brownrice instead of white rice. Brown rice and
pounded rice. Parboil rice are far betterand you should make all the dishes of rice
with these things, not with Polish rice. Similarly, in weak products, totally avoid
products made out of beta. So all these things like bread and all bakery
products, cakes and pastries. All these things could be avoided.
In fact, let me tell you, Brown rice can reallyhelp in preventing joint issue.
Avoid eating lentils every day. Rather havesprouts twice in a week.
More lentils, more high protein food is goingto affect your joint. Avoid oil containing
Omega six fatty acids like sunflower oil andeven vegetables. Able oil. So take rice Bran
oil. Take geese in small quantity and seethat your joint is properly lubricate. Another
oil which is really good is olive oil. Consume that it is excelite anti-inflammatory
property. Six points Relax your Mind A stiff mind leads
to stiff joints directly connected. The moment you are angry, the moment you have
very rigid opinions. What happens?Muscles become tight.
Joints come closer, more wear and tear ofjoint starts and more arthritic condition
comes in. So be very, very clear.
Whenever there is a paid in joints, the firstthing you should do is to relax your mind.
Remove all the rigidity from your mind, removethe negativity from your mind and that it
said would help you to overcome the pain. Knee joint pain has to be attended and really
attended seriously. Otherwise it is going to cause extra pressure
on all other joints and it is going to causesevere pain which would remain for a longer,
longer period continuously. Since it is highlyimportant to keep your mind peaceful and joyful
all the time. Practice these following techniques to relax.
You must learn to relax intermittently ina day and see to it that your mind is not
continuously under pressure. Here are the technique called as is Panama
Hasan and any meditative technique than anytime in a day than so regularly that you are
always in a relaxed at. Our knees have to be strengthened all the
time. Strong knees will be carrying you throughout
the day. Standing, sitting, walking, running, climbing.
Knees have to be strong. And so take careof your day.
When the knees are weak, that would affectyour whole system.
Your heart is going to suffer because youcan’t walk, you can’t climb.
Person will get into diabetic state becauseagain, no physical activity of walking, climbing.
So just understand that a good health of yourbeing is a must for the entire body and for
your life. So take care all these things whichwe have mentioned, just do them. Just see
that you are very serious about this pain. Very often we have observed that when people
are suffering from pain, they say, Okay, nowpain will remain in body what is there?
But don’t neglect that it is going to increaseif you don’t take care.
And so be very, very clear that you have totake care of your health, your total health,
and so your needs. Namskar.

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