Seth Speaks-The Eternal Validity of the Soul-Jane Roberts Chapter 1-513 Audiobook by DEAR HELEN 海轮海轮

the fact of this book is proof that the
ego does not have the whole kettle ofpersonality to itself for there’s no
thought that it is being produced bysome other personality than that of the
writer known as Jane Roberts since thatJane Roberts has no abilities that are
not inherent in the species as a wholethen at the very least it must be
admitted that human personality has manymore attributes and those usually
ascribe to it I hope to explain whatthese abilities are and point out the
ways that each individual can use torelease these potentials personality is
a gestalt of ever-changingperception. it is the part of the
identity which perceives. I do not forcemy perceptions upon the woman through
whom I speak, nor is her consciousnessblotted out during our communications. Instead there is an expansion of herconsciousness and the projection of
energy that is directed away from thethree-dimensional reality. this
concentration away from the physicalsystem may make it appear as if her
consciousness is blotted out. insteadmore is added to it. now from my own
field of reality I focus my attentiontoward the woman but the words that she
speaks these words upon the pages are notinitially verbal at all. in the first
place language as you know it is a slowaffair, letter by letter strung out to
make a word, and words to make a sentencethe result of a linear thought pattern.
language, as you know it is partially andgrammatically the end product of your
physical time sequences. you can onlyfocus upon so many things at one time
and your language structure is not givento the communication of intricate
simultaneous experienceI am aware of a different kind of
experience not linear and can focus uponand react to an infinite variety of
simultaneous events. Rubert could notexpress them and so they must be leveled
out into a linear expression if they areto be communicated. this ability to
perceive and react to unlimitedsimultaneous events is a basic
characteristic of each whole self orentity therefore I do not claim it as some feat that is exclusively my own. eachreader being presently ensconced within a physical form, I presume, knows only a smallportion of himself as I mentioned
earlier. the entity is the overallidentity of which his personality is one
manifestation an independent andeternally valid portion. in this
communications therefore, Ruburt’sconsciousness expands and yet focuses in a different dimension, a dimensionbetween his reality and mine, a field
relatively free of distraction. here Iimpress certain concepts upon him with
his permission and assent. they are notneutral in that all knowledge or
information bears the stamp of thepersonality who holds it or passes it on. Ruburt makes his verbal knowledgeavailable for our use, and quite
automatically the two of us togethercause the various words that will be
spoken. distractions can occur as anyinformation can be distorted, we are used
to working together now however, and thedistortions are very few. some of my
energy is also projected through Ruburtand his energy and mine both activate
his physical form during our sessionsand now as I speak these sentences.
there are many other ramifications thatI will discuss later. I am NOT
therefore a product of Ruburt’ssubconscious, any more than is a product
of my subconscious mind. nor am i asecondary personality cleverly trying to
undermine a precarious ego. I have seento it in fact that all portions of
Ruburt’s personality are benefited andtheir integrity maintained and honored.
there is within his personality a ratherunique facility that makes our
communications possible. I will tryto put this as simply as possible
there’s within his psyche what amountsto a transparent dimensional warp that
serves almost like an open windowthrough which other realities can be
perceived. a multi-dimensional openingthat has to some extent escaped being
clouded over by the shade of physicalfocus. the physical senses usually
blind you to these open channels for theyperceive reality only in their own image.
to some extent then I enter your realitythrough a psychological warp in your
space and time. in a manner of speakingsuch an open channel serves as much as a
pathway between Ruburt’s personality andmy own so that communication is possible
between. Such psychological and psychicwarps between dimensions of existence
are not infrequent. they are merelyrecognized as such infrequently and
utilized even less so. I will try togive you some idea of my own
non-physical existence. let it serve toremind you that your own basic identity
is as non-physical as my own. that isthe end of chapter one.

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