Sadhguru on How To Never Get Angry or Bothered By People

Angella Nazarian: Visionary women is a volunteer run organizationAnd I know that every single person who is here is giving their time to one organization or anotherand the fact that you have nine million volunteersand you were talking about the relationship between
volunteerism and willingnessAnd that it’s through willingness that you
uplift your consciousness, if I’m reporting you correctly,or I’m understanding it. In some ways, talking about how it could be a doorway to becoming a bigger person than who you are. Sadhguru: See. . Before we come to women, first thing is visionary. What a vision means is,say everybody has desires. Desire is an incremental way of enhancing our life. Today you desire, I must have a home,tomorrow your desire, I must have this money,tomorrow, you desire something else. These are incremental ways of
arranging and rearranging our liveswhich are needed to do a few things. When you say I’m a visionary, what you’re saying is,I have a larger desirewhich is not about just incremental improvement of my life. Desire is about me, always. Vision is an all-inclusive process. So this itself is a phenomenal thing,
if people instead of having desires, if they have a vision. Vision is always all-inclusive. Desire is personal. Desire leads to incremental changes and improvements. Vision can transform the whole situation. I like music. So, about willingness,
because you said you’re a volunteer. To be a volunteer, a volunteer means somebody who is doing something willingly, right?There’s no other compulsion. There are no financial compulsions.
There are no social compulsions. There is no something else. You want to do something willingly. So when you’re a willing participant right now,
you’re a volunteer. I’m asking all of you, right now, are you compelled to be here or are you here voluntarily?Audience : VoluntarilySadhguru: Oh, thank youBecause I have spoken to conscripted people also. I have spoken in the prisons,
I have spoken in many places. So you are here willingly. You are doing something willingly,
is the fundamental of your joy, isn’t it so?Hello?However simple or stupid or idiotic activity it is,’I am doing something willingly’
makes a world of difference, isn’t it so?Hello?The difference between heaven and hell is just this. You are doing something willingly, that’s your heaven. You are doing something unwillingly, that’s your hell. Hmm?We have already taken on attitudes
what we like and what we don’t like. I like this person, I don’t like this person. Now with this person, I will do things willingly. With this person, I will do things unwillingly. This may be two people, two aspects of life,
two communities, two nations, two. . many things. This I will do willingly, this I do unwillingly. This means, I have decided in my mind,
this is good, this is bad. When I hear, even on national news channels,good guys and bad guys . . it just. . Once you have this kind of thing,
you are going to be disastrous to the planet. It’s just a question of time. The moment you decide this is a good person,
this is a bad person,this is gone deep into American society. No. There are no good people and bad people. Everybody is oscillating between the two. If you create a very pleasant wonderful atmosphere,
everybody behaves wonderfully. If you create an unpleasant atmosphere,
a whole lot of people act nasty. Yes or no?There are joyful people and miserable people, but
there are no good people and bad people. The moment we think we are good,we are entitled to destroy the bad, isn’t it?Oh, we’ve been destroying a lot of people for a long time,time to stop that. Because. . human beings are in different
levels of experience and understanding. Variety of people. Anybody who’s not like you is obviously bad, isn’t it?Isn’t it so?Those who are not like me must be bad people. Because the basis of goodness and what you think is goodness is decided by you. No, you have no business to do that. Willing means this. I’m just willing. I’m a hundred percent yes to life. I am not yes to this one, no to this one. No, I am just yes and yes to life. If you are a hundred percent yes to life,
you are a volunteer. You have become a willing life. You have become so willing that
you have no will of your own. People ask me
‘Sadhguru, how do you operate with all these people,all kinds of horrible questions they’re asking,
they’re doing this, they’re doing that?’I said ‘My life is not about them. It’s about me’It’s about how I am. This is about me. It doesn’t matter how they are, that’s their choice. But how I am is my choice. This is my way. No matter what they do. I’m like this. Because I have not given that freedom to anybody
that somebody can freak me,somebody can make me angry,somebody can make me happy,somebody can make me unhappy. These privileges I kept to myself. It’s time you do that too. Because if somebody else can decide what can happen within you right now,isn’t this the ultimate slavery?Hmm?Isn’t this?Someone else can decide what should happen within you,what happens around you of course,
so many people decide, hmm?What happens around us is not hundred percent ours,but what happens within me must be my making,
isn’t it?Right now, just about anybody can freak anybody
because they are not volunteers. They are unwilling. Volunteering means you have no will of your own. You can do whatever is needed. You know, we are a volunteer organization,this means all kinds of people . . Most of them are not qualified
for the jobs that they’re doing. And I cannot fire them because they’re volunteers. Angella Nazarian: It’s true. Sadhguru: So people keep coming up to me on a daily basis,’Sadhguru, I can’t work with this person,
she is so horrible, I can’t do it’I tell them ‘See in this world,this is the sort of people who exist. like this, like this, like this, like this,
this is the kind of people there are. But if you want to work with ideal people,you must go to heaven and today. But if you think,what you’re doing is very significant,you must learn to work with all these horrible people. This is how the world is. If you think what you’re doing is very significant,you learn to work with all kinds of people. You will see, horrible people will do wonderful things. Yes?But if you want to work with ideal people,
you won’t find any. I haven’t found one yet. There’re all kinds of . . . mixed bagsbut if you are willing,that you are not yes and no, yes to one, no to another,you’re simply one big yes, you will find a way. Angella Nazarian: Thank you so much. I always say that the resistance to life. .

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