Release Fear,Anxiety And Stress – Subliminal Relaxation

A great recording which requires you to do nothing except relax. It does not even matter if your mind wanders as the positive affirmations are heard by the subconscious mind.

The subliminal affirmations are:-

Life Is Good.
I Release Anxiety.
I Release Stress.
I Am Confident.
I Free My Mind Of All Limitations.
I Am Balanced.
Whole And Complete.
I Am Calm.
I Enjoy Life.
I Choose Harmony.
Stress Free.
I Am In Control.
I Am In Concert
With My Higher Self.
I Have Fun.
I Feel Great.
I Forgive Myself.
I Forgive All Others.
I Am At Peace.
I Am Understanding.
Positive Thoughts.
Positive Emotions.
I Am Aware Of Life’s Significance.
I Am A Winner.
I Emulate The Best And Highest Good.
I Am Sufficient
I Dwell On Positive Outcomes And Experiences.
I Am Blessed.
I Am Happy.

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