Muscle Testing and the Law of Attraction LIVE Demonstration feat Gavin Stephenson

this video we’re going to show you how
to use muscle testing with the law ofattraction we’re going to show you how
to break past past limitations and howto start living from a totally new
paradigm welcome back to another videomy name is Erin and I help people
expand their consciousness and this isGavin from wake up fulfilled and today
we’re making a pretty cool video I thinkthis is a videos gonna be something a
little bit different than many of youhave seen before and right now we’re in
Costa Rica how you like Costa Rica ohit’s fun it’s beautiful it’s beautiful
here nice weather nice tree bugseverywhere yeah we’ve been here for a
whole week there’s three other youtubersas well that we’re here at this place
called rythme in Costa Rica and we’rehaving a great time we’re all last day
we went through a whole week oftransformation and now it’s all about
we’re trying to pop out as many videosas we can so that we give you guys a
whole bunch of content so today whatwe’re gonna be talking about is
something that I knowGavin showed me a long time ago and it
has to do with something I read in thebook called power versus force so maybe
some of you guys know and have seen myvideos when I show that skill of
consciousness and at scale consciousnessthere’s different emotions that vibrate
at a certain frequency and the idea isthat as we move up this vibrational
scale we increase our frequency now whatGavin knows and what Gavin has showed me
is there is a process that he uses whichis called muscle testing and muscle
testing will make you aware of what youbelieve to be true and maybe you’ve seen
the videos where I talk about howbeliefs create our reality but there’s
this really cool process that might haveGavin share with you that has to do with
knowing whether you believe something ispossible because the thing is if you
don’t believe something is possibleyou’re not even gonna start taking
action with it you’re not going to movein that direction so you must believe it
to be true before you actually startmoving to that direction so you want to
share a little bit about muscle testingand how powerful it is and how you’ve
used it in your life sure so first Iwant to talk about abundance and money
because I’ve always wanted to make moremoney in my life because I grew up in a
really rough neighborhood and stuff andyou know my name was like a big deal for
me and what I found is like I had thesebeliefs that were stuck with me from
achievingyes in fact I’ve got sort of point where
I was actually making a lot of money butwhat would happen is our self-sabotage
because I have beliefs underlying thatthat said I could only make 60 K per
year so what I’m gonna do in this videoI’ll show you how to muscle test and
find out exactly how much you couldpotentially make per year and in how to
change it and give you the ability tomanifest more because you don’t want to
like put hard effort into creatingsomething into your reality you like
using a lot of force when using a lot offorce what happens is you you ruin your
health it doesn’t feel good it’sstressful and what you want to do when
it comes to taking action is it needs tobe more flowing more enjoyable because
if you’re unmotivated and you’re tryingto push yourself all the time like Gary
Vaynerchuk start it’s like hustle grindyou really hurt yourself it’s unhealthy
to do long term especially if you’re notfully aligned emotionally and mentally
now when you are mentally andemotionally aligned it’s like easy to
hustle because it’s just like somethingyou just do naturally because you’re in
love of it you you’re aligned with itand stuff it’s nature so muscle testing
is basically a part of a appliedkinesiology and what it allows you to do
is find out certain beliefs that you hadhave even chiropractors use it in their
practices and stuff to find out you knowwhat vertebraes are out of alignment and
stuff like this so we can do it to findout the least we can do it to find out
what’s wrong with our body we can do itfor many different things so muscle
testing is simply using a part of yourbody we can actually test Aaron right
now to find out what he believes he canmake for ya so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna use his body he’s gonna puthis arm out and I’m gonna like be
pushing down his arm and finding outlike what’s what what he believes you
could potentially make be I’m sure it’svery high okay so if you put your my
friend okay and find out so what we’regonna do is gonna say do I believe I can
make a hundred thousand blows be it yesokay do I believe that my counterpart
goes be here you just push it push yourarm up okay
all right so when he’s Amish strong thatmeans this a yes okay
money’s army is no that means this whenit’s arm is weak sorry that means it’s a
no okay so what we want to do is findout where his no is
we find out where he’s known as we knowthat’s his cap or like how much he
believes tempeh tempeh tential II makeyeah alright so let’s try $500,000 beer
do you believe you can make $500,000 foryou yeah okay okay so that’s still
strong what about million dollars beerokay hello that’s pretty strong tennis –
lets go really high five million dollarsPierre okay we’re getting a little
weaker there yeah okay and then we’regonna do ten million dollars per year
yeah yeah yeah so that there becomes theweakness so what do you what he needs to
do and if he wants to increase that nowto ten million which he doesn’t
necessarily have to be right but if youwant to increase that what he would do
is find out when he says ten milliondollars per year in his body what he
would do he is he would look for youknow a feeling or a sensation in his
body where he has like a weakness orlike a dull ache or maybe like a
sensation or like an emotion maybe forme when I had ten million I feel like
back here in the back of my neck like Idon’t know a sensation back here so it
feels like there might be beliefs that Ihave around us so what you do is you
look into that particular frequency thatenergy right there and you just start
repeating some horn upon upon oh okay Idon’t even heard of that before
well you simply repeat I love you I’msorry please forgive me thank you i love
you i’m sorry please forgive me thankyou over and over and over again watch
off feeling that that sensation and whatwill happen to happen is that particular
vibrational frequency will start todissolve okay so for you at home
what you want to do is you can actuallyuse a different technique you can if
you’re with someone you can actuallytest the belief doing it like we just
shared review so strong would be a yesand week would be a no or you can use
this is the one I use and I teach in myprograms is you you do this little
circle thing right here and then you putthese two fingers and belief and sorry
you put these two fingers in between andthen you push them apart so pushing them
apart when it’s strong that’s a yes whenit’s weak that’s a no so if I say my
name is Gavin right it’s nice and strongif I say my name Aaron it’s a
really week yeah so that that’sbasically how you test so you can test
do I believe I can make a hundredthousand dollars per year and okay yes
do I believe it to make ten milliondollars per year look I get a clear no
all right so I know these beliefs isactually stopping me from reaching ten
million dollars per year now you knowten million dollars per year is a lot of
money yeah okay so you don’t necessarilyneed to believe that but if you’re
someone at home and you want to increaseyour income get a job that you want to
manifest into your life or you knowstart a business or whatever it is you
need to be fully aligned with and theway you do that is by finding the
beliefs that you have around it and thenyou release the energy from around it
just by using the hähnel pone opponenttechnique and just repeat and I love you
I’m sorry please forgive me thank youover and over and over again until you
feel like that energy has completelygone and if anything is it’s like you
know there’s a lot of like affirmationsand like you know audio and subliminals
and stuff and what I find is if youstill have that belief like here that
you can’t make more than 10 milliondollars per year that emotions still
there it’s gonna be hard for you that toget to that level yeah and actually
sustain it for a long period of time soyes basically that’s really cool I
didn’t know he’s gonna do that we’regonna do the live demonstration I
thought that was really cool though andI could feel it too every time you went
up it was I could still straw I feltstrong at a hundred and five hundred and
a million even it felt strong but it’s Icould feel it yeah it was it was it was
getting weaker as he went like I couldfeel the the resistance begin to like
increase where it was like harder to dobut yeah that’s really cool so what you
guys can do is go like this like Gavinsaid put your fingers like this in
between and then test it and you’ll getthe answer to what yes or no is and this
what he’s sharing right now is the samestuff they taught that they talked about
in the book power versus force with dr. David Hawkins it’s muscle testing
understanding that our muscles and ourbody is integrated with the subconscious
mind some people have even said I thinkof more like Elliott Hulse say it before
it’s like your body is the subconsciousmind yeah there is parts of your body
that correlate with certain with certainbeliefs and even I was just at that that
stem cell thing that I’m doingand there’s laser they port they put on
certain parts of the body whichcorrelate with certain organs which also
correlate with certain emotions in whichwould correlate with certain
decision-making processes and certainadrenal glands and all of this different
stuff sothe body’s like the map but it’s it’s
it’s about becoming aware of that andallowing and diffusing the energy
because even if you if you don’t believethat you can make a certain amount per
year and you listen to affirmations youdo all this stuff
it’s cluttering up the mind and it mightbe like you know maybe you start to
believe it a little bit but there’salways going to be that resistance so
it’s like a tug-of-war like if youbelieve oh I I want to I believe that I
can have a successful business by at thesame time my name is the real Louisville
but there’s a huge conflict this yeah atug of war you’re battling back and
forth and that’s why that’s why you needto do releasing and be fully aligned
with what you are wanting to createperfect yeah be a part of this I wanted
to touch on briefly is the the power ofjust awareness because what you told me
it’s funny because he said that hisbelief that he used to believe was he
could make sixty thousand dollars peryear my belief used to be sixty thousand
dollars per year as well and I worked atBarneys New York’s on woman shoes in
every year when I do my taxes it waslike almost right on it like sixty three
thousand or sixty thousand and therewere there was one year where I think I
got I got like ten thousand dollars assomething I forget what it was for bonus
it was like a but yeah or something likethat and when I got it it was gone very
quickly it was almost like it was like asabotage and that’s because of the power
of the self-image the way we seeourselves our subconscious mind will do
everything it can to be consistent tothe way we see ourselves
so if Gavin’s like oh I want to make ahundred thousand a year I’m like I want
to make a hundred thousand a year butour barometers or our six set at sixty
thousand there’s it’s like the energiesare just conflicting it’s like no matter
what we do it’s like the subconsciousmind is gonna say yeah okay Aaron keep
trying you know what I mean but you’reyou’re you’re only capable of this but
the key is to know that you’re in youwere inside of a box you were inside of
a box of I could only make sixtythousand dollars per year once you
become aware of the box is when youstart to transcend it because in that
awareness you come out of the box youlook at the box and you say I don’t
choose this anymoreI would just unaware I was in a box I
was unaware of my self-image so thefirst step you can take right now is to
become aware of your self-image becomeaware of what your blocks are or become
aware of your how you see yourself andthen work on these different beliefs
work on beliefs about money work onbeliefs about relationships work on
beliefs about life in general andyou come up to a certain point what
Gavin was saying is imagine on the partof the body and see where you feel that
sensation go within and you might saylike when he was talking about his money
beliefs in his neck when I think of itfor some reason goes around my heart I
can feel like this little pull in myheart when I think of like 10 million a
year or something so maybe there’ssomething some belief I have that’s
attached to love or it’s attached to medoing my passion for a living and
there’s some subconsciouschild stuff or you know I don’t know but
that’s where I feel it so what I woulddo is I would do ho oponopono on my
heart center and I would wait until thatEnergy starts to subside I would wait
till it starts to it starts to loosen upand go away and that’s when we start to
change our reality is that’s a greatthing you don’t need to know or go back
to your childhood and find out the exactbelief or what happened whatever it is
you just need to feel the sensation inyour body you need to find ya where
isn’t it’s easy to feel you just closeyour eyes just center yourself that
breathe a little bit and just thinkabout that the money that you want or
being in a relationship or whatever ismaybe when you feel think about
relationships and maybe you’ve beencheated on in a pastor so you went
through something or whatever is fillwhere that is in your body and start
dissolving that because what what you’redoing actually is forgiving yourself
you’re releasing the energy and you’resort of dispelling it out of your system
and once that vibration is gone you knowit changes everything and one of the
other examples around like the $60,000PA is like people who win the lottery
yes they own the lottery and then theylose it all after a few years because
sometimes a hundred million like theyspend over a hundred million dollars and
they don’t pay their taxes and they’rescrewed right hundred million dollars
because they saw themselves as only ableto maybe make a hundred thousand dollars
you know or less or maybe like fiftythousand dollars
yes so it’s crazy like you always comeback to what you believe and what you
feel ya always come back to what you’reresonate imagine yourself is like a
radio station that’s you know you knowtuned into a specific frequency you want
ourself what frequency are you tunedinto right and let you find out and you
learn more about yourself you may haveto grow that and raise that to a higher
vibrational frequency which goes back totheir power versus force once you raise
your vibration on the scale of the powerversus force what starts to happen is
you’re trying to allow more into yourlife and you have this sort of force so
you have this energy powerfulenergy to help you create more more what
you would prefer yeah what you wouldlike to see whereas if you run lower on
the scale it’s like struggle frustrationwhen I you know I first slide my
business was working a nine-to-five jobyou know forklift driver working ten
hours a day sleeping like for five hoursa night you know I was really grinding
putting a lot of effort in I got reallysick stressful anxiety depression using
all the force a lot of sorry out of yeaha lot of thoughts yeah so now now I’m
using a lot of power right which is amuch higher vibrational state and I’m
able to allow more into my life so yeahit’s beautiful yeah thank you I I think
this is it’s like getting to the coreit’s like a lot of people try to change
the outer reflection in their life theygo around you know and even me for a lot
of times trying to change the outsidecan I change this can I change the
external but the key is actually tochange on the inside and when you become
aware of these beliefs then the outerreflection changes anyways but it’s all
about awareness it’s all about beingpresent to the moment it’s all about
allowing the emotions to be there it’sabout self love that’s why ho no pono
pono can be very powerful because you’reliterally giving yourself the love that
you maybe haven’t given yourself beforeand then as you change that change your
vibrational frequency and then itchanges everything in your life so thank
you for coming on Gavin it’s good to behere I’m gonna have Gavin’s channel but
down below definitely check it out aswell he makes videos in the law of
attraction and very similar content asfar as the topics go on this channel so
some of you guys would be interested aswell on that we’re gonna get to enjoying
our final day here in Costa Rica andwe’ll see you guys in the next video
peacemuch love and namaste

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