Kirlian Photography

An introduction to Kirlian photography. In Kirlian electro-photography a mild electrical charge of a specific frequency and voltage with very low current (micro amps) is applied to the subject. The resulting Kirlian electrograph displays an interference pattern created through the interaction between the subject and the Kirlian signal. An Kirlian-electrograph of an individual in a calm and relaxed state will show a different flare pattern around the fingers and hands than an electrograph of an individual in a stressed and tense state. Each person has there own individual Kirlian signature that says something about them both past and present.

This suggests that the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state of the individual is somehow modifying the Kirlian radiation field. Does the Kirlian photograph show the human bio-field energy template, described by the mystics as the “aura”? Is it a window into the soul? Does it show disturbances in the energy field of the person before it becomes a symptom in the physical body? Whatever the sceptics say there is more to the Kirlian phenomenon than the law of physics can explain

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