Joel S Goldsmith 100 Times a Day (ENG) Subtitles

Those dwelling in the secret place of the most high none of the evils of this world will come nigh their dwelling place but dwell now in the secret place which is within you look to this withiness for your good Begin as rapidly as possible to break the attachment to the outside world in a way of saying oh I get my supply here or this one owes me something here Break this attachment don’t change your outer mode of living, but inwardly break that attachment by the constant realization I am fed from within there is a wellspring of water within me the bread the meat the wine of life is within me it takes a few months Until you break this attachment to the outer world Break this belief that you are dependent on man for justice or for loans or for forgiveness or for your support it takes a while to break that attachment to the outer world but you can do it if you can remember the word now NOW!!! am I and my father one now do I draw upon the kingdom of God within me now do I seek living waters within myself the bread of life the staff of life within myself no longer do I seek from man who’s breath is in his nostril but now I know my attunement to the withiness of my being is the secret of the spiritual life turning within a hundred times a day Just for a momentary remembrance thank you father the Kingdom is within me A hundred times a day just smiling at the Remembrance that now you are one With the infinite the entire infinite is flowing forth into your experience This goes on for months and months this conscience turning within this conscience remembrance of deriving my good, my protection from within whatever it is that appears in life as a problem instantly turn within realizing the answer is within you The solution is within you nothing more to do relax and go about your business, only ! keep up the practice throughout the day throughout the night As the months go by You will notice a new experience coming into your life one day you will be conscience of the fact that you have received some kind of a message or an assurance or a direction or a command from within you it may startle you at first you may wonder if it’s really true you may even loose the benefit of it By not realizing the real nature of it but all of this makes no difference remember you have before you an eternity and ah as you continue this practice again it will happen you will have a direct awareness of some response from within or something will happen in your outer life that you will recognized could not have happened unless there was some invisible, transcendental something bringing it about This is really the beginning of your spiritual experience you have been preparing for it through all of these months of now living consciously in the realization of it but at some particular point you receive your first impartation or blessing which you recognize as coming from within be patient be patient don’t think that now that this has happened That it is going to be a completely permanent continuing experience because it isn’t That time is still some time into the future But it is going to happen more and more frequently and the purpose of all this is of course leading to the place where you can consciously relax you’re remembering Because you have attained to a place now where you are completely in attunement That the praying comes to you from within now you will come to the higher unfoldment of the infinite way and you will find this in some places in the writings You come to a place where you no longer pray where your prayers do not take on any measure of thinking or speaking when it is God that does the praying in you and through you and you merely become aware of the activity of God that is taking place within you you are then always on the hearing end you are always on the receptive end the receiving end it is God but prays in you and through you This is the meaning of comes forth from the kingdom within us we live not by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God Now in the first stage of our life the one I’ve been describing to you today we maintain the word of God in our consciousness’ we consciously remember and declare the word of God and even send it forth but as we come to the second stage the Word of God comes forth from the kingdom within us and we receive it we do not speak it or think it We hear it or feel it and it is all a flowing from within to the without by that time we have so completely reversed our life that the whole experience is one of inner attunement an inner flow from the within that to the without.

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