How to Manifest Money -Teal

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Spiritual teacher Teal talks about the spiritual laws for creating money and abundance. Amazing how much she says aligns with ‘Abraham-Hicks’ and other spiritual teachers.

The ‘law of attraction’ from a different perspective.

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  1. Never heard so much new age crap. No competition in the world… You are trying to justifiy the inaqualities of the occidental economy by telling people that ressources are infinite. By telling people that it is all their falt because they have false beliefs, like there is no human beings trying to accumulate so much money and the power it gives them that is as no impact on other peoples life. Really, you think the ressources composing all the objects of luxury that are overconsumed in our society are made of energy and not of Gaia resources extracted in country that are not even profiting from the money big companies are making with the resources in their lands. Wealth is not a question of making money it would be more about feeling you can always get what you need if you put all your being in that state of wealth. Abundance is measured on what you share not what you posses. True that money is not bad, it is what egos are making with it that has an impact on other peoples life, and very often not one that is creating more well being for everybody. Sorry but I don't feel any of what you are saying comes from love but rather a personal desires to satisfy your own ego. So easy to use natural laws of attraction to justify egos desire for luxury.

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