Fanaa the spiritual stages in sufism (eng/espanol)

So, there is different fanaasAll together there is 7 fanaasThe last is called fanna fillahThe onenessWith Allah almightyAnd before the oness with Allah almighty happensEvery fanaaThe diminishment of the egostill it is in an illusionary stateSo one illusion is replaced with another illusionUntilFanaa fillah is attainedWhich is the only stateliberatedfrom any kindof deceptionillusionarywaysandmany aspirantsmany mureedsget stuck in one of the fanaasthe first fanaaishas no nameits a fanaa that has no namebecause its a transitionary statewhichgoesimmediately to the second fanaawhich is called fanaafil faatilthat means the fanaathein that fanaathe aspirant, the mureedexperiences himselffree fromphysical desiresand finds himself presentin thepersonalitiesof his close brothersor fellow men aroundthenhe realisesif he realisesthat this is notthe final stageand as it is describedin theone of the books of ibn arabithat he saysthe egois moving like leadgoes out very slowgiving the aspirantthe illusionbecause of his slownessthat he attained divine realitybut this lead is liquidit moves slowly slowlyandthe onewho surrenders to this flow againfind himselfthat if he just started the pathand untilthe fifth fanaathere is this coming and goingbut many mureedswhen theyhave the experience of fanaa idafilthinkingthat they attainedperfectionand under that illusiontheycreatesomethingfrom themand as it is an advanced statesliding followsover themand the onewho can sacrifice and renouncethis temptationhe is moving aheadfanaa izahirithis is the innerthe innerawakeningthat a personis experienesthe complete detachmentover a long period from this worldand seeing uninterruptedlythe divine light in front of himbut also thereit is still an illusionary stateif that person is identified with his mental processesand also understands a certain control of thembut hasnt yet masteredto go beyond the mentalso surrendering to his observationwhich shows himthat he hasnt attainedcomplete peacecomplete enlightenmentallows himselfto move again backwardsexperiencingpainfulvery painful descendencebut surrenderingstateand finding himself again closedand in the beginner statethenhe moves furtherwhat is called fanaa malakootsuch a personis again detached from this worldthat receivespowerand hasthe urgeto express those powersif sohe is notunder the control of a perfect masterthe temptationto abuse his powerswill become irresistable to this aspirantand making himselfto fall finallyinto an elementary statewhich a soul hasbefore it is createdthis is on all the points of the pastand the most dangerousmost temptating, most difficultonly a few soulsexperience thisandlucky are thosethe perfect one of his timesoas he can seethe need of a perfect master is elementaryand the love in both waysare the ingredientstomake the mureed to evoluterather than his own effortsorspecial techniqueor any other refined measureslike breathing or certain visualisations or whateverall this is very difficultfor the egoto maintain over a long periodas it leads the mureedto a constant feeling of a vacuumwhere he experiences himselfas if heisnotgrowing in any wayandfeels himself disappointedfrustratedandit can causethe mureed to give upbut the onewhose love is unshakenand whose trust is unshakenhe will be the one finally cursedafter a long series of testsonwhat he can carrythose testsinfluence also the health of the mureedthe family life of the mureedthere is no aspectwhich has not to be surrenderedand only a very very few peoplecan achieve this position

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