Dimension Beyond the Physical | Sadhguru

: If you have to enter a
dimension beyond the physical,a perception beyond the five senses
have to be opened up. These five sense organs open up in youThe moment you crawl out of your mother’s womb,five senses open up because
they’re needed for survival. If you did not have themyou would not know how to survive. Survival process opens up for you naturally. Suppose as a little infantyou were lost in the jungleif something edible came in front of youwould you take it and shove it into your earsor into your nostrils?You would definitely know where to put it, isn’t it?Nobody taught you. Nobody need to instruct youthis is the way to eat, but it’ll go right here. Isn’t it so?So things that are necessary for your survival,it does not need any training,it does not need any striving from your end,it’s inbuilt,but would you know how to read,how to write,how to do so many thingsthat you’re naturally doing today?No. Because all these things need striving. You know, the damn ‘A’?Do you remember the damn ‘A’?Those three lines,when you were three-and-half years of age,they tried to make you write it, the damn ‘A’,how complicated it looked!Yes or no?Even now there’s an adult who never was taughthow to read and write, in some village,you try to teach him the damn ‘A’,how he struggles even today as a grown up adult!Because anything beyond survival will not enter your lifeunless you strive for it,but what is needed for survival
opens up without any striving. So if a dimension beyond the
physical has to enter your living experience,a little striving is neededbut because it’s in a completely different directionAll your sense organs are outward-bound,
please see this. You can see what’s around you,you can’t roll your eye balls inward and scan yourself. You can hear that; so much activity in this body,can you hear that?No. Even if an ant crawls upon this hand,you can feel it;so much blood flowing, can you feel it?In the very nature of things,sense organs are outward-boundbut everything that you experience happens within you. Right now,a simple questiondo all of you see me at least?Am I visible to every…?Because sometimes I’m invisible, you know. Today am I visible?Today am I visible?Please use your hands and show me where am I?Ah, you got it totally wrong. You know I’m a mystic. Now this light is falling upon me,reflecting, going through your lenses,inverted image in the retina,don’t you know the whole story?So where do you see me?Where am I right now?Within you. Where do you hear me?Within you. Where have you seen the whole world?Within you, isn’t it?Have you ever experienced anything outside of you?Have you?Have you?Right now you just touch your friend and see,you don’t feel his hand,you will only feel the way your sensations are;you cannot experience his hand, please know this. You can only know the way your sensations are. You have never experienced anything beyond this. Everything that’s happened to youyour joy and misery has happened within you,light and darkness has happened within you,just everything happens within you,but do you have a means to look inward?No right now;so that will not happen unless you strive. It happened one daysomeone came looking for Isha Yoga Center, in South India,to a nearby village. They came and asked the local boy,‘How far is Isha Yoga Center?’The boy said, ‘It’s 24,996 miles. ’‘What?! That far?’He said, ‘Yes, the way you’re going. If you turn around it’s four miles. ’So right now everything that you have is outward-boundbut everything that’s happening is happening within,so it gives you a completely
false perception of what it is. So turning within will take a little bit of striving. If you’re willing to give 28 hours of focused time,we can turn you around.

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