7 Steps to Awakening Your Inner Goddess

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Regardless of what the media, family, friends and/ or your ego wants to tell you about yourself, you are beautiful as you are right now, however many people in this day and age are not happy with their physical bodies. A common reason for many peoples’ dissatisfaction is in relation to their ideas about what is considered beautiful and desirable, whether it involves their weight, height, skin complexion, nose size/ shape, breast size, manhood size, or whatever.

The more you connect to the INNER GODDESS right NOW, meaning that you connect to your inner beauty, creativity, sensuality, love, nurturing side, intuition & receptivity, the easier it will be for your outer life (including your physical body) to transform into one that mirrors the inner beauty, the inner Goddess! At the same time, it’s also important to appreciate, respect, and stand proud in ALL that you are right NOW, which includes your physical body- Embrace your outer Goddess/ God.

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