The Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind

How can you get into your unconscious mind? How does it work once you are there? Why would you want to do it? When is the best time to get into the unconscious mind?

Many people have questions about this. You know there is something that can help you. Spirit, Universal mind, whatever name you call it. But many don’t know how to contact it, how to use its power.

And it is powerful.

It makes changes for you that would be hard to make with your conscious mind. Mostly because your conscious mind has to deal with your past programming.

Getting into the unconscious mind means you are taking charge and are ready to change. The more you take the time to make the changes in your unconscious mind, the faster your conscious mind will change. The faster your conscious mind changes, the faster your lives change.

How can you do that?

Think of it as a radio station. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be to tune in.

When is the best time to get into the unconscious mind?

The very best time is immediately upon awakening. The next best time is right before you go to sleep. If you want to make changes in your life, these are the best times to do it, because your conscious mind isn’t alert enough to cause havoc.

How does it work once you are there?

When you think something, your unconscious mind doesn’t ask, is this right? It just goes into a “Let’s do it!” mode. In other words, there isn’t a conflict. Your unconscious mind just says, “All right!”

Why would you want to get into your unconscious mind?

If you want to make changes, this is the place to do it. If you are in your conscious mind, you have a niggling little voice that is responding from your old programming and it says something like, “You can’t do it because. ”

And then it lists all types of reasons you can’t do it, based on your programming. You want to change your programming so that you CAN do the things you want without all that negative back talk. You need to get into your unconscious mind to change your programming.

So, to capsule, here’s the strategy: Just as you feel yourself getting drowsy at bedtime, you start talking to yourself. You say things like, I’m going to do my programming now.

I want my body to be very relaxed, I can feel my body relaxing even more. I will stay alert. I will stay alert so that I can program my unconscious mind to make changes.

I can feel my whole body relaxing now, but I am staying alert so I can do the programming easily and effortlessly.

Then, you start saying all the good things you want to happen only you say them in a way that states they have already happened and you are very happy about it. If you want to stop smoking, you state it something like this, “My lungs are clean.

I am living a happy, healthy life.” Or you say, “I am calm and relaxed. I handle any situation that comes along.” Or maybe, “I eat sensibly. Every day I eat healthy foods. My body is getting slimmer and slimmer.” Then, visualize the life you are programming.

You can only think one thing at a time. Be very aware of what you are thinking at any given time. Keep your mind on all the good things you are programming into your life. Remember, what you focus on appears in your life. Good luck!