You will agree with me that no one knows you better than yourself, and no one is more judgemental to you than yourself.

It’s sad at times to see that the people that you truly love, desire and hope on, turn you down, treats you worse and seems that there is no need for you to trust anyone. We actually can turn this around by taking hold of the idea of self-help.

According to Webster dictionary, Self-help is the process or action of bettering oneself and even overcoming one’s problems without the aid of others.

Self-help is the act of  improving on yourself with or without the assistance from anyone else. It can also be seen as any measure used to improve physical, mental,  financial or spiritual conditions.

Self-esteem  creates anxiety, phobia, depression and also leads to mental illness in many cases, but getting Self-help can also help one with low self-esteem build their self-esteem realizing that  it can affect their entire being body, soul, mind, and spirit.

Self-help for building self-esteem is the right way to come out of trauma, for instance, helping yourself  in some sports activities such as   playing games, riding, biking, walking, climbing, going to the gym and even listening to good music.

Self-help for building self-esteem can help one learn new things and actively participate in fun activities, focusing on your abilities and talents and building your self-confidence

There are  Four Types of Self-Help be designated as.

  • The Epiphany moment

This is a situation where a person has a dramatic moment of absolute direction and clarity. Epiphany moment is that moment when a realization impacts your consciousness thinking and knowing that there must be a change in your life, your career, and your finances and you know that only you can effect that change you so desire.

It can also be a moment when the solution to a particular problem, you’ve been struggling with, becomes crystal clear to you and you know without any iota of doubt how to exactly  deal with it.

  • One on one help

This is a kind of Self-help that comes when you are tired of a situation and feels that  you can no longer keep everything inside you or handle the situation alone, and then seek counselling from a therapist, psychologist, or spiritual leader. Perhaps when you talk to someone you feel confident to tell your problem to, someone you feel confident about such as your best friend .

  • Group interaction.

This the act of solving one’s problems by forming or joining a group designed to help people suffering from a particular problem, such as Alcoholism and smoking. Self-help groups are usually voluntary. It is a group of peers coming together for common mutual assistance, mutual aid and accomplishment of a special purpose.

  • Individual self-help

This is a kind of Self-help one can accomplish by himself either by reading or properly reeducating yourself. A situation where you gain clarity into a particular situation or problem and then overcome it by yourself.