Collective unconscious

Collective unconscious

The concept of the collective unconscious was introduced by Carl Jung who was a psychiatrist, it means that particular part of an individual’s mind containing impulses and memories of which the individual is not aware of, originating in the inherited structure of the brain.

The term Collective unconscious is also a form of the unconscious, that part of ourselves we share with everyone which arises from our experiences, the collective unconscious contains universal primordial images, archetypes (a statement, prototype or pattern of human behaviour which other objects try to emulate or copy)  and ideas.

Thus it is a symbol we all immediately recognize as providing a sense of perfection and beauty. Some people describe it as a symbol that connects the human bodies and souls which contain the power of inspiration.

  • How Collective Unconscious can shape our thought

According to Gandhi,  we must first experience an inner change if we really want something to happen in this world. We are what we think, so If we can change and control our thoughts then, we can definitely change our minds.

If we do away with any negative or hypocritical attitudes, we can be free from the obstacles of this world and breathe freely with the rhythm of life. The mind is the creator, therefore with the help of Collective unconscious, we can increase our potential to influence our outer  and inner worlds.

  • Collective unconscious the foundation of human unity

Here we will examine many belief-systems that tend to prove that there is a oneness of humanity

  • According to Eastern religions, they say that Collective unconscious for oneness is rooted in our undifferentiated spiritual existence and it’s, therefore, the foundation of human unity.
  • The Christians claim that the foundation of the world is in our common relationship with God who is the first and the last, the creator of the heaven and earth.
  • Jungian psychology also claims that the basis for kinship lies in the collective unconscious and that we are linked with all other people through our connection to the transcendental collective unconscious and with everyone’s future descendants and ancestors.

With this commonality and different views in our human society, we, therefore, understand one another’s behaviour and feelings because people are responding in familiar ways to the same archetypes(a statement, prototype or pattern of human behaviour which other objects try to emulate or copy) which we know; without the collective unconscious and so if we can imagine such a scenario humans might not be able to communicate at all from our separate individual worlds.

In conclusion Psychiatrist, Carl Jung was never tired of pointing out that the only highly developed consciousness of the power of the collective unconscious can allow just anyone withstand the power of the psychic flood and sweeping everybody along.

Collective unconscious have a profound influence in the lives of every individual, it controls our thought and that is why we all become what we think. If we change our attitudes and thoughts then we can increase our consciousness and live a better and higher life.